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Planning for University and College

Post-Secondary Education Information

Graduating from high school does not automatically qualify students to attend university and/or college. Each Post-Secondary Institution has its own set of entrance require​ments and criteria. Visit the websites for the most up to date information on program entrance requirements. If you are unsure, about your course selection, make an appointment in the Academic Centre to go over your choices.

A general rule for schools in Manitoba – you will need 5, grade 12 level courses – not including Phys. Ed.

University of Manitoba – click on Future Students on the Home page.

University of Winnipeg - click on Future Students on the Home page.

Red River College – click on Programs & Courses on the Home page

Louis Riel Art and Technology Centre & Winnipeg Tech Centre: Resources are available in the Academic Centre.

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RT @MrsFedoruk: Math IS Fun! @wpcLRSD “Connect 4” multiplication style!

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That’s one full week together, how did it go Royals? Check in with your Advocates to let them know how you are! Royal Wear on sale, Athletics begin, Bistro food available…it’s going to be ok! #we_are_royal

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RT @Mrs_Hodgert: Exploring the political spectrum in our class this morning. It turned out the parties we identified with were often not the ones most aligned with our ideals. Bulletin board made for students by students (my favourite kind).

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