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Off-Campus Credits

​​​​WPC Special Programs: Online Program

​​All high school students in the LRSD are eligible for these courses with the approval of their high school administration. Various circumstances can make online courses an appropriate option for some students:

  • course conflict 
  • full schedule 
  • course not offered at their home school 
  • school absence due to illness/surgery, elite athletics, etc. 
  • the need to change or add a course once the term has started

What to Expect

Taking a course online is challenging and requires students to be willing to commit the same amount of time as they typically would in a face-to-face classroom environment. Past experience indicates that interested students should possess the following characteristics: 

  • capable of an appropriate level of independent learning 
  • excellent time management skills 
  • a willingness to contribute to discussions and to share problems and opinions online

Some of the courses that may be offered include:
​Accounting 30SEssential Mathematics 30S​
​AP Calculus 42S​ (all year)Essential Mathematics 40S​
​AP World History 42S (all year)History 30S​
​Applied Mathematics 30SPhysical Education 30S (English/French)​
​Applied Mathematics 40SPhysical Education 40S (English/French)​
​Biology 30S (first semester)Physics 30S (first semester)​
​English Comprehensive Focus 30SPhysics 40S (first semester)​
​English Comprehensive Focus 40SPre-Calculus 40S (second semester)​
​English Transactional Focus 40S

Candidates for the Program

Ideally, students interested in registering for an online course should be self-motivated, capable of independent learning and have excellent time management skills. Students will be responsible for meeting deadlines, completing assignments and contributing to online discussions while working in the online environment. Students will have a school contact teacher to facilitate communication and provide additional support.

Application forms can be obtained from the Students Service Department. ​

Fast Forward – Post Secondary Today! 

Fast Forward is a unique opportunity for Louis Riel high school students to earn university and college credits in partnership with University of Winnipeg, Université de Saint-Boniface, Red River College, and the University of Manitoba while they are still in high school. These courses are free and are considered dual credits; they count for high school graduation and university or college credit with our partner institutions. 

Fast Forward courses will: 

  • Follow Canadian university or college curriculum
  • Be taught by university or college accredited professors/instructors
  • Be recognized by Canadian universities and colleges 

When can students begin Fast Forward courses? 

University or college course work can begin in Grade 11. Students must have completed 22 high school credits (maintaining a 70% academic average), completed at least one 40S credit or in consultation with/or at the school’s discretion. 

When are courses offered ?

Second semester (February to June) 

Is there a cost for Fast Forward Courses? 

The only cost will be the registration fee for the post-secondary institution. Course enrolment is free (costs are covered by the Louis Riel School Division) and represents a significant cost reduction to a student’s post-secondary program

Can students withdraw from the course if they find it is not for them? 

University or college transcripts will not include courses from which students withdraw two weeks prior to the final exam. 

What courses will be offered? 

Courses offered will be dependent on enrolment and may include first year: 

  • ​Calculus 
  • Psychology 
  • Applied Computer Science
  • English 
  • Intro to Kinesiology
  • Psychologie
  • Francais
  • A business course​

Arts & Technology Centre

​The Arts & Technology Cen​tre is an extension of the Louis Riel School Division high schools for Grade 11 and 12 students. Students who choose ATC as part of their high school studies take the majority of their Grade 11 & 12 elective courses at ATC and their compulsory courses at their home school. Students typically attend ATC for one semester in Grade 11 for Part 1 of a program and then may return for another semester, in Grade 12, to take Part 2 of their program. Talk to your Student Services Teacher about other possible patterns. 

Students register at their home school, allowing them to participate in school events and extra-curricular activities including sports, music and student government. Students graduate with their classmates at their home school. In addition to their regular high school diploma and an ATC certificate, student in most programs earn a Technology Education High School Diploma. Students may also choose to complete all or part of a program following high school graduation (no tuition fees for the first 4 credits after graduation).

ATC students who hold evening or summer jobs may be eligible to obtain high school credits towards graduation and time credit towards continued apprenticeship training by applying for the High School Apprenticeship Program. Students are encouraged to bring and use their own electronic devices.

Students are encouraged to participate in intramural activities available at lunch time through our open gym program, as well as the student advisory committee (student government). 

See your Student Services Teacher to include ATC courses as part of your Grade 11 and 12 or Post-Secondary Plans.

For detailed information on the programs and courses offered at ATC for the school year, including the High School Apprenticeship Program, find the course calendar here​.

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