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General Vanier PAC is made up of volunteers from the community who work closely with the General Vanier School administrators, teachers, community members and Louis Riel School Division leadership for the betterment of General Vanier School. This is done through regular meetings, volunteer activities, fundraising and sponsorship of activities within the school, special events and donations.

Please visit  General Vanier PAC website. The link is located on the right side of this page.

PAC Dates for 2017-18

The General Vanier PAC usually meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from September to May.

Tuesday, September 12th  PAC Meeting 7:00 PM in the Library
Tuesday, October 17th                  PAC Meeting 7:00 PM in the Library
Friday, November 10thMovie Night 7:00 PM
Tuesday, November 21st PAC Meeting 7:00 PM in the Library
Tuesday, January 16th PAC Meeting 7:00 PM in the Library
Friday, January 26thPAC Movie Night
Tuesday, February 20th PAC Meeting 7:00 PM in the Library
Friday, March 9thPAC Movie Night
Tuesday, March 20th PAC Meeting 7:00 PM in the Library
Tuesday, April 17thPAC Meeting 7:00 PM in the Library
Tuesday, May 15th PAC AGM Meeting 7:00 PM in the Library
Thursday May 24th PAC Plant Fundraiser Pick Up Date





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