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Canteen Services

Canteen Services Information​

September 24, 2018

General Vanier students will once be running the canteen program at General Vanier School beginning Tuesday, September 25th, 2018. The students always learn a lot from running the canteen and they are looking forward to another great year.  The menu has changed slightly since last year, please note the changes below.

All canteen orders are to be submitted to the classroom teacher first thing in the morning.  In order to have sufficient time to prepare the food, orders must be handed in by 9:00am.

Please submit orders with exact change. No cheques.

Due to the fact that the canteen program is tied to the Skills for Living Program, the canteen will be shut down on days that they are unavailable to work in the canteen.  The canteen will not be open on days that there is hot lunch available (e.g. pizza lunch). 

Beverages will be available to purchase in the canteen from 12:00pm – 12:15pm.

Chocolate Milk - $0.85

While Milk - $0.55

Assorted juices: 5 Alive, Apple, Grape, Orange, or Mixed Berry- $0.50 each.

Hot Lunch Order Form 2018-2019.pdf

*Additional meal items are available only after a meal has been purchased

**Please send exact change**

Meal of the day comes with choice of salad/ranch dressing, vegetables and dip, or fresh fruit.



   -Hot Dog Meal

   -Additional Hot Dog*



Chicken Noodle Soup$0.50


   -Mac, Cheese and Pickle Meal

   -Additional Pickle*



Cookie (Friday only/limit 1)$0.50
Cheese Strings$0.50


   - Chicken Nugget Meal

   -Additional Nuggets*



Cheese & Crackers$1.00
Frozen Yogurt Tube$1.00


   - Taco Meal

   -Additional Taco*



Granola Bar$1.00
Fruit Cup$0.50


   -Perogy Meal

   -Additional Perogies*



Carrots & Dip$0.50
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Having a merry time at Snowman Jam”!

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Our PAC is looking for help on early dismissal days to help organize our hot lunches. If you have 45 minutes of time between 10:15 and 11:00 and would like to help out, please contact the school.

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