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Code of Conduct

​St. George Knights are committed to doing the right things, for the right reasons, at the right time. They are dedicated to the four pillars of virtue— conscience, empathy, respect, and self-control. The pillars provide the foundation that guides our students to become contributing, accepting and hardworking members of the school community.

We all share the responsibility for teaching students appropriate, acceptable behaviour. By working together, those at home and at school can support positive student conduct.

At St. George School our approach to developing academic, social and emotional well-being is one of helping students to realize their personal potential and responsibility. Students are encouraged to talk together and build a strong belief about the kind of class and school they want to have. Students and staff work together to demonstrate the importance of respect. Character development and thoughtful understanding about doing the “right thing” will have a more lasting positive and constructive effect on them than instantly raising negative consequences. At the same time there are bottom lines. These bottom lines are in response to student behavior that threatens the safety of others or negatively impacts on the learning environment.

At St. George School all students have the right to learn. To do so, each student must be in a school climate that is safe, secure, orderly and harmonious. Students must recognize that any behavior, which disrupts or detracts from the educational climate of the school is unacceptable. Any behavior, which interferes with the rights of others, is not responsible behavior. Teachers and other adults have an ongoing responsibility to prepare students for their role as citizens and to model these attributes in their daily interactions with students. Students are expected to follow and adhere to standards, which are established for the benefit of all members of the school community. 

The Board of Trustees view proper behavior to be the “responsibility of each individual student.”

Home and school alike share the responsibility for teaching students appropriate, acceptable behaviour. By working together, we can ensure positive student conduct. Discipline is essential in building accountability, responsibility, respect for others, and self-respect.

Being a St. George student means making a commitment to do the right things, for the right reasons, at the right time. These commitments are reflected in the motto of St. George School.

Inspiring Achievement – Celebrating Diversity

At St. George School all students are expected to demonstrate respect for others, demonstrate respect for the school and the property of others, follow all school and divisional policies, attend school regularly and on time, and to complete assignments and assessments as requested by the teacher.

When problems arise, the classroom teacher, with the support of parents, student services and school administration will assist the student to make the necessary changes.

Certain behaviors, due to the seriousness of the behavior, will result in an immediate referral to the school administration as outlined in the Public Schools Act. When students are referred to administration as a result of such behaviours parents will be contacted and a meeting with the parents, student, and school personnel must occur prior to the student returning to the classroom.

Examples of these behaviours are:

  • Bullying, or abusing physically, sexually or psychologically.
  • Discriminating unreasonably on the basis of any characteristic set out in sub section 9(2) of the Human Rights Code.
  • Using, possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs at school.
  • Gang involvement.
  • Possessing a weapon, as “weapon” is defined in section 2 of the Criminal Code (Canada). 

In keeping with the purpose of the St. George Code of Conduct, helping students to realize their personal responsibility to manage their behaviour and to conduct themselves in a socially acceptable manner, the school process is to be both proactive and reactive in the support of students.

At the beginning of each school year all students are involved in the development of a classroom social agreement. These agreements are posted in the classroom.

All classrooms meet on a regular basis to review classroom behaviour goals, to discuss positive outcomes, to celebrate, and to set new goals to address emerging needs. Students review their own behaviour and set personal goals. To further assist students in the development of positive social behaviour, teachers use programs such as Second Step to engage students in social learning activities. 

Interventions and Consequences

On occasion, the nature of a student behaviour may require specific interventions. These interventions may include but are not limited to:

  • referral to school student services
  • temporary removal from the classroom
  • performance contract
  • detention
  • referral to clinical services
  • in-school suspension
  • out-of-school suspension
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All endings lead to new beginnings. Wishing our Gr. 8s all the best as they transition to high school. We shall see you when our paths cross again. #FareTheeWellKnights🛡👋

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Why not end the school year with a foam machine? Well done YMCA Before/After School Program!! @YMCA_Canada #FoamyKnights🛡🫧

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