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Physical Education

​Early Years K-3

During the Early Years, emphasis is placed on the acquisition of basic movement skills and their use in introductory and simple activities. Students begin to understand what movements to do, as well as why and how to do them. These skills are the building blocks for participation in all physical activity and are the prerequisites for lifelong physical activity. Students have the opportunity to participate in various physical activities scheduled on an ongoing basis throughout the year including individual and team sport, games, and fitness activities.

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Let’s make snowmen!! Our staff is certainly thinking of our students on a daily basis. Looking at the forecast for Sunday, we thought it would be WONDERFUL for students that are able, to make a snowman at home (in your yard) and send a picture to your child’s teacher to share.

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Some teachers have reached out to say that they have items here ready for pickup. If you’d rather avoid coming in to the school, simply park beside the school on St Jean Baptiste and call our office by 3:30 next week at 233-0222 and we can run the work out to your vehicle.

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So important to appreciate the beauty of the seasons changing during this challenging time. Very few students here today but is it ever nice to be outside in the bright sun seeing them play. Days are getting warmer. So important to stay positive.

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