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Morrow Avenue Child Care

​Dr. D. W. Penner School houses the Morrow Avenue Day Care—a private day care that operates before-and-after-school programming and a half-day program for the school’s kindergarten students.

Our Philosophy

Each child is a unique individual with rights for love, respect and quality care in a safe, warm and nurturing environment. We believe in the whole child—physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth. Children are encouraged to develop self-confidence and a positive self-image through various activities. Children have the opportunity to learn to make choices and decisions, solve problems and become independent capable thinkers. Children are encouraged to share with others and respect themselves. Early Childhood Educators are trained and knowledgeable in child development, in addition to being warm, loving individuals. Parents play the most important role in their child’s life; they are welcomed and encouraged to become involved in their child’s daily activities.

Our Goals

To provide children with an optimal environment that promotes their physical, social and emotional development.

  • We provide various experiences in a balanced environment.

  • We provide a warm, safe, healthy and nurturing environment.

  • We provide individual attention.

  • We offer a stable routine with consistent discipline based on children’s needs.

  • We have well equipped programs with the flexibility to meet diverse needs.

  • We support modeling and coaching for appropriate problem solving.

  • We believe in developmentally appropriate limits and expectations.

  • We offer regular observations and assessments of children’s development.

  • We provide stimulating programming based on emergent curriculum that responds to children’s needs and interests.

  • We offer the lowest child to staff ratio possible.

  • We apply quality assurance tools and rating scales with a focus on continually improving quality of care.

  • We model, teach and promote life skills and healthy lifestyles.

  • We hire trained, professional, caring ECEs.

  • We promote diversity.

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RT @meaghan_conrad: Days prior to the Critical Red shift in May, my Ss planted seeds in a tiny cup to activate our learning on plants/soils. I was amazed to get this pic from a student of her Zinnias now! Just like flowers, our kids will grow, adapt and flourish even in challenging situations 🌸🐼

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RT @louis_riel_sd: Dr. Joss Reimer, medical lead for the provincial vaccine task force, urged parents to book appointments to get a first-dose for their children aged 12 to 17 by Tuesday, July 27 to ensure they are fully immunized when heading back to school:

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RT @activepenner: Socially distanced “Field Day” in the books! No crowds, no waiting in a line…. 🤗🐼. Have a safe and active summer Pandas!

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