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Who We Are

​Dr. D.W. Penner Mission Statement: Our school community fosters and celebrates the growth of the total child within a safe and engaging environment.

The staff and students at Dr. D.W. Penner School believe we should:

  • Respect ourselves, others, property and our environment
  • Promote safety
  • Always do our best
  • Have fun at work and play

Together, we are the best that we can be!

Dr. D.W. Penner By The Numbers

Grades: K-6

Number of Students: 146*

* Data collected in August 2018

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RT @louis_riel_sd: Details about recent meetings with the communities in the @jhbLRSD, @wpcLRSD and @cbLRSD Families of Schools regarding enrolment pressures and proposed solutions are available on our website. View the slide decks, answers to submitted questions, and more:

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We went through a smudging ritual this morning. Thank you Mr. Bell.

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