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At Dr. Penner School, we believe that both students and staff must work together to create an environment that fosters student success and professional growth.  It is a place that is safe, where we act responsibly and respectfully, and cooperate with each other. 

The education of our children is an important, shared responsibility. When parents, families and community members are actively involved in education, student achievement tends to increase, students feel supported and a positive attitude toward school and learning is fostered. Open communication and informed dialogue are important hallmarks of a healthy home and school relationship.             

We continue to work at providing parents and guardians with current and up to date information about what is taking place at Dr. Penner School.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to become familiar with our school website at .

  • Families should check the calendar tab on our site which provides all of the important dates and various events happening at Dr. Penner
  • Our website provides news stories that reflect what is happening at Dr. Penner
  • Information will also be shared via our school Twitter account @Dr. PennerLRSD
  • Fun Lunch orders are now done on line through the MunchaLunch website. A link is provided on our home page.
  • Our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) has a Dr. Penner Facebook page at 

    Our intent is that this will provide increasingly timely information for students and parents. We hope you have a wonderful school year and look forward to continuing to partner with you in the education of your child(ren).
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RT @meaghan_conrad: Days prior to the Critical Red shift in May, my Ss planted seeds in a tiny cup to activate our learning on plants/soils. I was amazed to get this pic from a student of her Zinnias now! Just like flowers, our kids will grow, adapt and flourish even in challenging situations 🌸🐼

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RT @louis_riel_sd: Dr. Joss Reimer, medical lead for the provincial vaccine task force, urged parents to book appointments to get a first-dose for their children aged 12 to 17 by Tuesday, July 27 to ensure they are fully immunized when heading back to school:

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RT @activepenner: Socially distanced “Field Day” in the books! No crowds, no waiting in a line…. 🤗🐼. Have a safe and active summer Pandas!

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