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NMC Music Program

The NMC Music Program continues to offer a variety of music classes in performance and creativity!

  • Concert Band, Grades 9 – 12
  • Jazz Band, Grades 9-12
  • Guitar, Grades 9-12
  • Technical Music Production, Grades 9-10

Both the NMC CONCERT BAND and JAZZ BAND have started playing together again! We comply with the protocols mandated by the province and LRSD regarding pandemic safety guidelines for music-making.

Our REHEARSAL SCHEDULE is as follows:

Monday-Wednesday – Friday
12:20 – 1:15pm
Tuesday – Thursday
(These credit courses are held during the lunch hour,
and enable us to combine Grades 9 thru 12 for our ensembles.)


The GUITAR CLASSES and TMP are held during the daily school schedule.

Our ensembles have frequently performed for the public at various events and venues in past years. We look forward to resuming this important educational experience in the near future, when permitted. The same is to be said for Music Festivals and Band Trips, which we optimistically hope will be restored as soon as deemed safe.

Our NMC PERFORMING ARTS PARENT ASSOCIATION is very active in supporting enrichment activities for music students at the school.

The 'door is always open', (no matter what time of year or grade level), for any student to become a music student at Nelson McIntyre! Previous music experience is not mandatory.

If you have any questions about our NMC MUSIC PROGRAM, please feel free to contact:

Mrs. Leslie MacCorby
NMC Music Director
Sch. Ph. 204-237-0219


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RT @FabbriTeaches: A year like no other requires a #yearbook like no other! Monday. YRBK21. This. Is. Us.

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RT @MissKoch_: The biggest thank you to Veralie Upcycling for joining our #weekswithoutwalls group this morning! We completed a dozen dog beds for charity and were able to gift our presenter Andrea the catnip cat kicker toys we made earlier this week for local animal rescues❤️🧵🪡🐶🐱 @nmcLRSD

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Our Canning and Preserving week rounded off their delectable adventures with Beef Jerky and with Borcht! Tasty treats for everyone

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