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Mar 03
From the desk...March 3

​It's hard to believe that it's March...and our thoughts are turning to next year..
                                    Kindergarten Registration Night
                                    Grade 9 Registration Night
            However there is still a lot of learning to do.  We are excited to meet with parents and guardians on the 16th to go over the achievements and challenges of the second term.  And to share in a plate of Canadian poutine!
  It's "March into Reading" this month and we encourage all of our families to sit down and read together often.  There are many special events scheduled for this month, just keep and eye on Marion's on-line calendar.
That's all for now…..see you all on the 16th
                                                                 Alice Young

Feb 17
From the Desk - February 17

           It's hard to believe that we have reached the 100 day mark of this school year.  It's been a crazy busy last couple of weeks but some very good things have been happening.
           I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the hard work and dedication of the entire staff of Marion….from the teachers to the EA's, from the office staff to our custodians, from our family center and Community Liaison staff to our lunch supervisors  you will never find a more hard working, creative, and caring bunch of folks.  This past week was "staff appreciation week" and I would like to tip my hat to all the amazing people that make Marion the little school with the BIG HEART. 
I sit often with staff who are agonizing over how to help a student improve, staff who give their all to make kids lives' better, staff who search to come up with the most creative lessons, to find unique ways to "hook" kids into learning.  Folks who wipe noses, tie shoes, put on bandaids, watch students on the playground, counsel upset teens, make sure kids are safe and fed and have all the "stuff" they need to be school ready.  I think that you get the picture.  I am so proud of our staff, so honoured to be a part of Marion School and so excited to work with this innovative and caring team. 
We have determined that March is going to "March in Reading," and once again we have been granted a high potential literacy grant from McNally Robinson.  Middle Years students will be travelling to the store to pick out their books and the early years will have a book fair here on the 23rd of March.
The evening drop-in program for the grade 6-8 students is going very well.  It happens every second Monday from 6:30-8:00.  We would like to remind parents and urge them to come on out with the little folks, on the second Mondays from some great programming.  K-grade 5 students and parents are invited to join the fun in the gym, or in the STAR rooms .
Check the side of the newsletter for some short snappers.

That's all for now…..remember the door is always open.
Alice Young

Feb 01
From the desk of...January

Welcome back and we hope that all the Marion families had a fabulous winter break.  Here are just a few highlights from the first couple of weeks:

· Writing Program...we have been hosting 50 LRSD teachers this week, who have been observing Brenda Augusta, a writing specialist, work with our grade 2/3 and 3/4 classes.  The younger students are working on a "courage" book and the older ones on movie reviews.  It is amazing to see the progress that they have made.  My favourite quote from the week was when a wee one said…"ok enough talking I just want to write!"
· Evening Drop-In—the first evening was a huge success.  21 students came out, played games, ate pita pizzas and just hung out.  Mr. Schaeffer and Mrs. Stucky, the evening program coordinators are busy planning more activities.  We encourage all grade 5-8 students to come out on Monday's from 6:30-8:00
· New student—over the past few weeks we have welcomed many new faces to Marion.
· Twitter—to keep up with the latest news from Marion please checkout and follow us on Twitter @MarionSchool
That's all for now…..remember the door is always open.
Alice Young

Feb 01
From the desk of...Dec. 22, 2016

            It's late on Wednesday night, and the school is quiet, after an amazing night of music and dance and fun.  As parents and guardians you should be very proud your children and the amount of passion and talent that they put into the art of making music.  I am very proud of the Marion team, especially Ms. Clefstad who made beautiful music at the concert.
  Now it's time to take a well deserved break.  When we come back it's time for clubs and evening drop in, a writing week long workshop and new friends.
  Finally from our houses to yours, may you all have a peaceful and relaxing break, celebrating whichever family traditions you hold dear.  Enjoy family times and we will see you all in 2017!








Feb 01
From the Desk of...Dec. 2, 2016

            Well it's definitely a lot colder since the last time that we chatted.  It looks like winter is upon us. That means snow pants, mitts, toques and such.  If by chance your child is in need of winter apparel please let Mrs. Stucky as we have some great new winter stuff.

Santa Store will be up and running this week.  Thanks to all that have donated, there are lots of special gifts that students will be able to pick out for their families.

The Winter Concert will be held next week and from what I've heard in rehearsals it's going to be a blast.  There is an open dress rehearsal on the 21st  at 1:00 and the doors open at 6:30 for a 7:00 show.  Students should be up in their classes at 6:30.

We have lots of "sprucing up" that is going to happen over the holidays.  The gym has been painted and a new gym floor will start to be put down.  The installers hope to have this done by the end of January.  During that time, gym classes will either be outside or in the hallways.  They are also replacing the flooring in rooms 8,10,17 and 19,

Finally from our houses to yours, may you all have a peaceful and relaxing break, celebrating whichever family traditions you hold dear.  Enjoy family times and we will see you all in 2017!

Till next time...the door is always open...see you on the 21st.

Feb 01
From the desk...Nov. 14, 2016

            So sorry about the tardiness of this newsletter but things were really hectic here last week.
            We have all been busy writing report cards and getting ready for the upcoming parent—student—teacher conferences on the 24th.  Report cards will be in backpacks on Friday and we look forward to having conversations about the achievements and challenges of first term.
  At the Parent– Student-Teacher conferences on the 24th we will be hosting a Soup supper for all families.  Classes will begin to prepare 3 different kinds of soups and we will be baking some homemade bread.  Families are encouraged to come down either before or after their conferences and enjoy a hearty meal.
  Over the next few months you will notice lots of construction vehicles around Marion School. The Provincial government is  renovating the basement .  They are digging out the  one wall to extend the windows so that a daycare can be housed there.  We are not sure yet, which daycare will be coming in.  Students are reminded to stay away from the construction zone.
  The Monday night drop-in at Marion should be starting up on the 28th of November.  Twice a month from 6:30-8:00 grade 5-8 students will be able to come and meet in the gym for activities and twice a month, families with younger students are encouraged to come down and play in the gym.
Till next time...the door is always open...see you on the 24th. 
A. Young

Feb 01
From the desk...Oct. 14, 2016

            It's hard to believe that the first month of school is done.  And it's been a busy one.  Since the last newsletter we've made some changes to the lunchtime routine and it's been a very positive.  I'd like to give a huge shout-out to Lise Dorion, Mary Ann Hernandez, Karla Delgadillo, Cassie Simmons, Mr. Schaefer and Mr. Elson. They are an amazing lunch supervision team.  This job requires patience and a true love of children, and this team is excellent.  Intramurals, during lunchtime are also starting next week. 
  I am blessed in my job to spend time in all the classrooms.  It is heartwarming to witness so many random acts of kindness done by students; a grade 3 girl consoling her classmate, a grade 8 boy holding the door and helping a teacher with an armful, grade 4&5 students concerned about the environment and these are just a few examples of what we see everyday.  Thanks to all the parents who help us in reminding these young people of the power of kindness.
Till next time...the door is always open.      A Young

Feb 01
From the desk...Sept. 30, 2016

As the leaves start to change colour it's hard to believe that we are into October.  The first month of school has been great.  We've seen and heard:
            The K's playing in their new kitchen set
            Room 6 reading in their class teepee
            Room 4 exploring the area during their community walk
  Room 19  cool new math games
  Room 21 growing things and plants
  Grade 6's starting to plan their "passion" afternoons
  Grade 7 & 8's off to Nelson Mac for an afternoon of practical arts and one of expressive arts.
In our fall planning, we have gotten a Community Partnership Grant that is going to allow us to run a Monday evening drop-in at the gym from 6:30-8:00.  Two Mondays a month will be an open gym drop-in for grade 5-8.  Games, roller-skating, crafts and cooking are some of the things we are planning.  The other two Mondays will be Parent Participation nights for K-4 students.  During these evenings parents and students can come down and play games, do some crafts and families can connect.  More details will follow next week.
As always we welcome your ideas and suggestions and please remember the door is always open.
                Alice Young

Feb 01
From the Desk of....Sept. 16, 2016

From the Desk of..
What an awesome beginning to school! 

· 13 brand new kindergarten students,

· 13 new faces in other classes,

·  Lots of new educators

And lots of excitement and joy of learning.

Learning is in season at Marion School.

Once again we will be publishing the Mustang Moment Newsletter every two weeks . This newsletter will highlight school activities, inform parents of upcoming events and touch on important issues of the week.  

This past summer teachers decided to "keep in touch"with their students, by sending them postcards or letters.  I know that some of you received mail for as far away as Montreal and some from closer to home. 

Opening Day conferences were very successful this year.  We tried something different with central collection of school and lunch fees and it worked well.  If you still have not paid your $40.00 school fee, or lunch fees please do so at the office.  We are also needing all the registration update forms into the office as soon as possible.

We are excited to welcome Louis Riel's Indigenous program to Marion School and in the upcoming newsletters we will be highlighting their work.  As always know that my door is always open.

Alice  Young







May 12
From the desk of...

With the warm weather (all right maybe not today) there comes some quick reminders:

· Students bringing bikes to school need to lock them up.  Bikes, scooters and skate boards are not allowed in the school.  If you are in need of a bike lock, please call the school.

· Marion School does not have air conditioning, and when it gets warm, it gets really warm in the building.  Below as a  reminder,  is the dress code for Marion School.

Students are expected to dress appropriately for school.  Parents are requested to ensure that they assist their son/daughter in exercising good judgment in selecting appropriate wear for classes.   Clothing should be modest, in good taste, and should not include inappropriate attire.  Examples of inappropriate attire are: short shorts; muscle shirts; half shirts; tank tops and cut-offs.  This also applies to tops having spaghetti straps.  Shirts with inappropriate sayings or graphics will not be allowed at school.  Midriffs and navels are to be covered. Students will have the option of contacting parents to acquire appropriate clothing, or wearing clean clothing provided by the school.

· As I said in the last newsletter there are lots of changes happening at Marion for next fall.  I am thrilled to announce the Marion School Teaching Team Line-up for next year:

Kindergarten Ms. L. McAvoy
Grade 1/2 Ms. M. Millar
Grade 2/3 Mrs. C. Olyczk
Grade 3/4 Mrs. L. Rodriguez
Grade 4/5 Mrs. C. Pellerin
Grade 6/7 Mrs. V. Bridges
Grade 7/8 Mr. M. Engstrom
Music Ms. S. Clefstad
Physical Ed. Mr. Clay O'Bray
Student Mrs. J. Rempel
Services Mrs. J. VanCauwenberghe

We will be finalizing the entire team soon, and profiles of the new teachers will be shared. I think that's all for now, please remember, my door is always open.

Alice Young


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