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Who We Are

​Victor Mager School is a Kindergarten to Grade Eight school. Our small class sizes make it easy for teachers to meet students’ needs and develop their individual talents. We have a variety of extra-curricular activities, specialized classes, community involvement and other programmes that make us who we are!

Extra-curricular Activities

Some of the extra-curricular activities at Victor Mager are athletic, such as basketball, badminton, volleyball, track, marathon, soccer and even skipping, to name a few. We are proud of our Monarchs teams! Students can even join a traditional drumming club, knitting club, the 'Signature' Musical Sign Language Team and the 'Bouge' Physical Theatre Performance team to have fun and get to know other kids at the school.

Special Classes

Besides regular academic classes, younger students get to take music class, while students in middle years choose between art and guitar. They also enjoy shops classes. Our grade eight students even learn about information and computer technology. Meanwhile, the grade seven classes are also part of a laptop initiative which helps them learn about computer safety and develop skills necessary for their futures. We also have a really strong English as an Additional Language program for students who are working on their English language skills, like kids who are new to Canada.

Sense of Community

Our school takes pride in the local community which we show by coming out to help with the community clean up, hosting a barbecue, putting on a Winter Concert, hosting the FAST programme, doing activities with local seniors, and participating in various charitable activities. Students also learn about the Seven Teachings: we start with a drum feast in the fall and then invite presenters from different cultures several times a year. Students also share in the school community in several ways. For example, students from different classes are paired up as a part of our reading buddy literacy programme. Some students help out as patrols or student secretaries. Other students are also trained as Mager Managers, special representatives who help students with problems at recess time. This teaches them how to solve problems in a win/win situation and become leaders in our community.

Other Programmes

One of the special programmes based in our school is the Boys and Girls Club. Victor Mager School also has a breakfast and a supervised lunch program to keep the students' minds nourished and ready to learn. There’s even a family center that helps the younger kids and parents make new friends as well as helps pre-school kids get ready for kindergarten.

With all of these valuable resources and our strong sense of community, “Together We’re Better!”

Victor Mager By The Numbers

Grades: K–8

Number of Students: 375*

* Data collected in August 2018


Principal: Troy Reinhardt

Vice-Principal: Shauna Archer

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RT @louis_riel_sd: Today, LRSD staff listened to student keynotes informed by the Beyond the Horizon Summit. The insight shared by the students guided conversations throughout the professional learning day. Thank you to the student leaders (on and off the screen) who made today a success! #YourLRSD

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RT @louis_riel_sd: Hundreds of grades 5-12 pupils in the Louis Riel School Division will tune in on Wednesday during the Beyond the Horizon Youth Summit, a virtual event made by students for students:

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RT @ctvwinnipeg: WATCH: Students brainstorm for improvements to learning:

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