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Message from our Music Teacher

September 17, 2021

What a wonderful feeling it is to gather back at school, all together, with the gift of being able to start the year enjoying our music class in our music room.    

I have asked in many classes what my students find most exciting so far, when we are in music class. We all agreed that even with the current Covid restrictions and all the necessary protocols in place, being around our many beautiful instruments is definitely a joy. Looking at them in the room where they usually are, and of course playing them, is simply amazing! While following our safety routines, we can all get reacquainted with our fantastic music room. Some things have changed, such as the use of the space around us, how to sit and where, when to play and when to wait due to cleaning procedures and such…. but the love for music and the many possibilities of what we can accomplish together remain our strongest dream.   

We have been dancing, listening to music, remembering and talking about past pieces we have played, putting ideas together when planning the future ones... as well as making decisions about the use of the many beautiful instruments at our fingertips; we continue to remember how our French vocabulary is of the utmost importance, as we all agreed to come together and grow, using such a beautiful language.   

I am very happy to welcome to our school all of our Kindergarten students, the middle immersion grade 4 students and all students new to EJR. I am delighted to see the joy in our student's faces as they enjoy the music room. 

What a marvelous start, with us being able to think, feel, learn, and make music back in our music class.... all together. 

With love and a heart full of joyful music, 

Mme Judith

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Staff were treated to a heartfelt message during the 2021 United Way Campaign Kick Off. Thank you to Mme Gomercic, our campaign coordinator.

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Preparing for our United Way Campaign kick off.

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