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Social Studies

​Grade 9

Canada in the Contemporary World 10F (CCW10F - 1 credit) ​

Canada in the Contemporary World 10F is a course that examines the foundational elements of democratic citizenship, governance, legal system, human rights, and social justice in the Canadian context. Students will learn about the historical and contemporary complexities of citizenship and identity. The course is divided into the following clusters and topics:

  • Democracy and Governance (Democratic Ideals in Canada, Law, Order, and Good Government, Citizenship Participation, Representing Canadians, Building a Just Society)
  • Diversity and Pluralism (Profile of Canada, Human Rights, and Pluralism and Integration)
  • Canada in the Global Context (Canada's Global Responsibilities and Living in the Global Village)
  • Canada: Opportunities and Challenges (Social Justice in Canada and Canada as a Changing Nation)

Additional information: Students should practice regular review. Organization and critical thinking skills are encouraged. ​​Emphasis is placed upon course content from the first and second clusters to encourage student engagement and understanding of the rights and duties of citizenship. ​​

Grade 10

Geo​graphy Issues of the 21st Century 20F (GI20F) 

Prerequisite: Canada and the Contemporary World 10F 

Geographic Issues of the 21st Century 20F is a course that examines geographic knowledge for citizenship, human rights, and social justice in the local, national, and international contexts. The course is divided into the following clusters and topics: 

  • Geographic Literacy (Human and Physical Geography, Place and Identity, and Global Environmental Types)

  • Natural Resources (Location, Diverse Perspectives, and Sustainable Development)

  • Food from the Land (Areas and Conditions, Food Production, Safeguarding Food Supply, and Contemporary Issues Related to Food)

  • Industry and Trade (Definition and Location of Industry, Topics in Industry, and Globalization)

  • Urban Places (Rural, Urban, and Remote Places, Location and Function of Urban Places, the Impact of Urbanization, and Environmental and Economic Issues)

Additional Information: Emphasis is placed upon the importance of critical thinking in relation to environmental stewardship, sustainable development, and the social, political and economic implications of personal choice. Students should review regularly and practice organizational skills.

Grade 1​1

​History of Canada 30F (HC30F) ​

Prerequisite: Geographic Issues of the 21st Century 20F 

History of Canada 30F is a course that examines the prehistoric and historic periods of Canada; often delineated as periods pre-Confederation and post-Confederation. Students learn about the lives of indigenous peoples before contact with European explorers and settlers, the imperial powers of the French and British Empires, the Confederation of Canada, and the years following Confederation with emphasis drawn upon such events as: the Métis Resistances, the Numbered Treaties, the First and Second World Wars. The course is divided into the following clusters:

  • First Nations and Nouvelle-France (to 1763)
  • British North America (1763-1867)
  • Becoming a Sovereign Nation (1867-1931)
  • Achievements and Challenges (1931-1982)
  • Contemporary Canada (1982-present)

Additional Information: Students are encouraged to think critically and be active learners. The course draws great emphasis upon enduring understandings and essential questions of history. Students understanding of six historical thinking concepts is integral to their success. Regular review, organization and critical thinking skills will be required for this course. ​

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RT @louis_riel_sd: We have received questions regarding the Navigating the 2021-2022 School Year plan. We have provided an FAQ document to school administration to help clarify a number of details. Members of the LRSD community can also view the FAQ here:

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RT @louis_riel_sd: LRSD PERM AND TERM STAFF: You've got mail! Check your email for an important message regarding LRSD's vaccination verification process.

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RT @louis_riel_sd: ❗UPDATED❗ Draft policies related to mask usage and COVID-19 vaccination have been updated: These policies are moving to second and third reading at the first regular board meeting of the school year. Attend the meeting:

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