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louis Riel school board

International Recruitment Agent

​​Active Agents for 2017-18

Authorized Agents Outside of Canada

  • Ebrus Education (Russia)
  • EduGlobal China Ltd (China)
  • Enforex (Spain)
  • ICEA (Ukraine)
  • JJL Overseas Education (China)
  • Shanghai Jun Wen Investment Consulting (China)
  • Lincon Education Service (Nigeria)
  • Murphy Contents Co Ltd. (South Korea)
  • Readleaf (Spain)
  • VT Education (Colombia)
  • Beijing New Oriental Vision Overseas Co. (China)
  • Grace International Language Centre (China)
  • Can-Achieve (China)
  • Alfa Agency (Czech Republic)
  • IVY Consulting Corp (China)
  • J&C Cultural Exchange (South Korea)
  • Heilongjiang Integrity Education Informati (China)
  • Birds Intercambio (Brazil)
  • EIC Group Ltd (Hong Kong)
  • Kim Okran  I.S.C. (South Korea)
  • A Canada Representaciones S.A.S. (Colombia)
  • Wilcan Global Consulting Co. Ltd. (China)
  • British Educational Services Agency (Egypt)
  • Sin Fronteras (Mexico)
  • You Abroad SRL (Italy)
  • The Lemon Tree Education (Spain)
  • I Global Education Co. (South Korea)
  • StudyLink International (Vietnam)
  • Highway International Education Consulting (China)
  • Breidenbach Educational Consulting GmbH (Germany)
  • Shuvo Foreign Education Consultancy Ltd (Bangladesh)
  • Md Hassan Rabby
  • Educational Consultant (Germany)
  • Dai Duong Education (Vietnam)
  • Yazigi Agency (Brazil)

Authorized Agents w​​ith Offices in Canada

  • JC WINs INC (Winnipeg)
  • 6376992 Manitoba Inc (Winnipeg)
  • CIESC (Winnipeg)
  • Century Parkson Consultants Inc. (Winnipeg)
  • Keylink Network Corporation (Winnipeg)
  • Canada HUAWEI immigration & Consulting (Winnipeg)
  • Aganippe International Inc. (Winnipeg)
  • Canadian Dreams Immigration Consulting (Winnipeg)
  • Globa Education Service Canada Centre (Winnipeg)
  • You and Canada Immigration Consulting (Winnipeg)
  • Canada International Economic & Cultural (Mississauga)
  • Ding Feng Services Ltd. (Saskatoon​)
  • Chen & Ferris (Winnipeg)
  • Winplus Inernational Immigration (Winnipeg)
  • Trusty Immigration Services Inc. (Toronto)
  • Canada School Application Center Inc. (Markham)
  • Canrelocate Immigration Consulting (Winnipeg)
  • Canachina International Immigration Service (Winnipeg)
  • YC Immigration Services Ltd. (Winnipeg)
  • Beijing Xingrui Hongji Technology & Trading Co. (Winnipeg)
  • CANMAN International Consulting Service (Burnaby, BC)
  • Huaxia Immigration Consulting Inc. (Toronto)
  • La Phong Immigration Inc. (Toronto)
  • Hopewell Education & Immigration Services
  • Kam Study Canada (Winnipeg)
  • Visamax (Winnipeg)
  • Abroad Immigration and Education Services Inc. (Winnipeg)
  • CW Immigration Services Inc. (Winnipeg)
  • J'adore Education Group (Winnipeg)
  • Virtue Educational & Allied Services Canada (Toronto/Nigeria)
  • Joza & Associates Immigration (Winnipeg)
  • Realize Canada International Education (Winnipeg)
  • Overseas Frontiers Inc. (Winnipeg)
  • Information Planet (Winnipeg)
  • Bright Sky Immigration Services Inc.
  • Pipeline Immigration Consulting
  • Network Canada Inc.
  • Angel Advisers
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LRSD - ISP Students enjoying Folk Dance in the Park.

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LRSD - Italy Exchange Program visiting the Adriatic Sea in the town of Molfetta, Italy.

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LRSD - ISP Student won 4th place in the Manitoba Mathematical Contest for Gr. 12 students.

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