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Health Insurance

Emergency Medical Coverage

Health Insurance Program

All international students in the program are covered under a mandatory health insurance plan. Students do not need to purchase additional travel insurance. The coverage will begin on the day they leave their home country.

The plan insures the student in all other countries except their home country and the plan coverage can be viewed online in 14 languages.

For further details please see the form and the presentation. coverage will be different based upon whether or not you have a study permit. See study permit coverage and without study permit coverage forms for more information.  

The cost of health insurance is a flat rate of $350 per year no matter how long the student will be staying in Winnipeg. If a student is studying in the short-term program (under 4 months), the coverage is $50 per month.

Students staying more than six (6) months will have TWO medical insurance plans as a student in our program. One from Manitoba Health coverage (at no cost) in addition to the mandatory top-up insurance. This will provide you with one of the most comprehensive medical insurance plans in Canada. Always use your Manitoba Health Card first when visiting a medical practitioner and only use your Ingle Insurance Card for services not covered by Manitoba Health. 

ISP staff must be told immediately of any accident, hospitalization or emergency surgery. ISP staff must tell the student's biological family as soon as possible.

If a student is injured in an accident, the student or the homestay family should NOT sign any form that releases anyone from their responsibility for the accident. The names of the people involved in the accident must be given to ISP staff immediately.

If an injury or illness requires medical attention, students may visit a walk-in clinic or go to an emergency room. See our Sick Days form for information on what to do when a student is feeling sick.

If you hold a valid study permit for six months or longer, you are eligible for Manitoba Health. See the Government of Manitoba at  for more information. 

If students or parents have any questions about their coverage, they can contact at their toll-free number: 1.888.756.8428.

Click here for more information about, or the nearest direct billing clinic. 

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