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Our Team

​​Our team consists of ten dedicated staff members who work out of the Louis Riel School Division Board Office.

If students, parents or homestay families have questions or concerns they should contact us either by phone or email.

We strive for effective communication with students (both at the school and in the homestay), homestay families, students' biological parents, school staff and educa tional agents. 

To help make studying in Winnipeg as easy as possible we will:

  • Communicate with and assist students before their arrival and during their stay in Canada
  • Coordinate homestays
  • Greet students at the airport
  • Help arrange medical insurance
  • Inform students about course selection organize school registration
  • Provide orientation sessions
  • Connect students with in-class buddies before their arrival in Canada
  • Transfer out-of-province credits
  • Monitor class attendance
  • Provide ongoing communication with students' parents and guardians
  • Arrange for students to write exams in their first language
  • Assist students to prepare for Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exams
  • Arrange graduation transcripts
  • Assist with scholarship applications and university registration
  • Send diplomas/certificates to embassies for validation to ensure students can attend university in other countries

Our Staff

Monèle Schrot

LRSD Extension: 290
Work Cell: 204-228-8711
Skype: monele.schrot

Grant Ganczar
Assistant Director 

LRSD Extension: 266
Work Cell: 204-960-1834
Skype: grant.ganczar2


Evelyn Sieben
Homestay Program or Schools

D Extension: 345
Work Cell: 204-223-0674
Email: evelyn.sieben
Skype : evelyn.sieben

Karen Chubey
Homestay Program, Schools and Meitoku

LRSD Extension: 409
Work Cell: 204-230-3985
Skype: karenchubey


Carmen Roy
Homestay Program, Schools and Health Insurance

LRSD Extension: 282
Work Cell: 204-227-6309
Skype: carmen.roy23

Al McDermid
Cultural Enrichment & Meitoku

LRSD Extension: 216
Work Cell: 204-792-9258
Skype: al.mcdermid100

Gina Guo
Admissions, Schools or Agents

LRSD Ex tension: 229
Work Cell: 204-227-6519
Skype: gina.guo5

James Ye Zhan
Schools or Agents

LRSD Extension: 348
Work Cell: 204-771-8034
Skype: LRSDJames

Lisa Boulanger
Financial Queries & Health Insurance

LRSD Extension: 419
Work Cell: 204-228-4654
Skype: boulanger_lrsd
Wendy Abendschoen
Admission Officer

LRSD Extension: 346
Work Cell: 204-803-4161

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