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School Supplies

Since September 2015, schools in the Louis Riel School Division have purchased supplies for families. Parents are asked to pay the school $45 at the beginning of the school year to cover the cost of using the supplies and school agenda during the year. Kindergarten students will pay $40 as they do not use an agenda until Grade 1.

A list of any supplies that are required, but not covered by the $40, will be provided to families and students by the classroom teachers. This would typically include items such as running shoes, school bags and other personal items.

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RT @pe_howden: So much teamwork involved today while building snowmen and forts! @howdenLRSD @LouisRielPEHE

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RT @HowdenPAC: Check your emails for a divisional update about what Response Level Orange means for the school and our kids. @howdenLRSD

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It’s a Professional Learning Day for our teaching staff on October 23rd. Enjoy the weekend!

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