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Adding Grades 7 and 8

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions related to:

  • Construction

  • Option

  • Practical Arts

  • Sports

  • Transportation

New information will be added periodically. If you don't see the answer to your question, check back for updates or feel free to contact the school office. 

Updates are also provided at regular meetings of the Parent Advisory Council. If you are unable to attend, click below to view slides presented.


Q: When will the new classrooms be ready?

Construction is scheduled to be complete in mid-August 2019.

Q: What happens if the project is delayed?

We will offer Grade 7 at École Guyot next year even if construction is delayed as there will be sufficient classroom space to accommodate the anticipated enrolment. We are confident that the new classrooms will be ready by the time that Grade 8 is added in the fall of 2020.

Q: What's happening right now?

Next StepsImage result for new
Excavation - first week of March.

February 27, 2019Image result for new
Placement of piles.

Mid-February, 2019
Relocation of main gas line. Removal of old gas line.

February 1, 2019
Installation of a temporary emergency exit in the northeast corner of the library.

January 2019
Preparatory work related to plumbing in crawlspace and on roof.

December 19, 2018
Construction permit approved by the City of Winnipeg.

Construction 2019-02-27.JPG
Picture of construction site - February 27, 2019 


Q: What options will be offered in Grades 7 & 8?

École Guyot will offer two option courses, one related to artistic education, the other more general. Students and parents have been surveyed to determine interests in our community. Course offerings will depend on interest and availability of staff.

Q: Where will option courses take place?

All option courses will take place on-site. Some can be held in regular classrooms, others will require a more specialized facility. The Louis Riel School Board has allocated funds for salle Dumas (the current stage) to be converted into a guitar or band classroom; approval to proceed with the project has been requested from the Public Schools Finance Board. 

Practical Arts

Q: Where will students take Practical Arts?

Students from École Guyot will take Practical Arts at Victor Wyatt School, located at 485 Meadowood Drive. Courses will be scheduled one morning or afternoon per cycle. 

Q: How will students travel to Practical Arts?

Transportation to and from Practical Arts is a family responsibility. To facilitate travel arrangements, all Grade 7 students will attend practical arts classes at the same school, at the same time. 

Some parents arrange a carpool. Others have their child walk, bike, or take the bus. For safety purposes, an adult crossing guard assist students at the intersection of St. Anne's and Bishop Grandin.

Q: What courses are offered through Practical Arts?

Students will take four different courses over the school year, two in each of the areas below:

Human Ecology

Textile Arts and Design
Foods & Nutrition

Industrial Arts
Graphic Communications
Introduction to Practical Engineering & Technology
Manufacturing Technology - Woods & Metals

Q: How can I find out more about Practical Arts programming?

Two open houses are planned. Each will feature a formal presentation, followed by a tour of laboratory facilities. Each will take place in the Glenlawn Collegiate Theatre, 770 St. Mary's Road.

Monday, April 15, 2019
Tuesday, April 16, 2019
7:00 to 8:30 pm


Q: Will École Guyot offer a complete interscholastic sports program? 

École Guyot will offer the same interscholastic sports program as other LRSD schools. Sports will include:

  • cross-country
  • volleyball
  • basketball
  • badminton
  • track and field

Q: Will École Guyot be competitive with other schools?

Each year, LRSD assigns schools to a playing category based on Grade 7 & 8 enrolment. The classification system promotes competitive play by having small schools play against small schools, mid-size schools play against mid-size schools, and large schools play against large schools.


Q: Is bussing available in Grades 7 & 8?

In Grades 7 & 8, students are normally expected to find their own way to and from school, as the provincial transportation subsidy is no longer provided. Parents have the option of requesting a paid seat on an existing school bus route.

Many Grade 7 & 8 students rely on Winnipeg Transit. The École Guyot Parent Advisory Council has raised concerns regarding transit accessibility, notably:
  • Limited service to and from École Guyot.
  • Need to take two buses to reach Island Lakes.
  • No service off-peak service to Royalwood.
  • Long walking distances to the bus stop from certain areas of Royalwood.

École Guyot Parent Advisory Council is working collaboratively with the school, the Louis Riel School Board and City of Winnipeg Councillors to find a solution to these challenges. To see the presentation that past chair Jas Roopra made to the Louis Riel School Board on behalf of PAC, click the following link:
EGPAC presentation to LRSD.pdf.

Q: It is already difficult to drop off and pick up students. Won't this problem worsen as enrolment increases?

At the school's request, the City of Winnipeg is currently reviewing loading zone capacity near the school. The review includes re-evaluating the location of bus stops and crosswalks. The goal is to improve safety by increasing drop off and pick up capacity.

With an eye to safety, the school has also: 
  • requested increased enforcement of traffic regulations;
  • created an opening in the fence along the east side of the schoolyard to facilitate drop off and pick up along Bluewater Crescent.

Image result for newOver Spring Break, changes will occur to the parking restrictions along Willowlake Crescent in front of the school. The change will eliminate the dangerous situation that occurs when vehicles are stopped or parked along the both sides of the street, leaving little room for other traffic to pass.

​West Side
​No Parking during Peak Hours; Parking during Off-Peak Hours
​No Parking at any time.
​East Side
​Loading Zone 24/7
​Loading Zone during Peak Hours; Parking during Off-Peak Hours

Other changes are anticipated as the traffic study continues.

InfoBitNo vehicle may remain in a loading zone, even if it is in the process of being loaded or unloaded, for longer than 15 minutes.

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Next week, from Oct 25-29, we will be collecting non-perishable food items for Harvest Manitoba. Monetary donations will also be accepted online - Let's Scare Hunger!

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Grade 7 Students in Mr. Hickerson's Guitar Class showcase their skills in the foyer. Who would know they've only been playing for 2 months?!

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RT @louis_riel_sd: Third reading of draft policy JLII: Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination of Students Participating in Extra-Curricular Activities has been delayed. It is anticipated that the Board will move ahead with third reading at its Oct. 19 meeting. More info:

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