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Who We Are

​Glenwood School is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school in North St. Vital. With approximately 160 students, the school offers a range of programming designed to meet the varied needs of its community. Strong, caring staff work hard to ensure that the school provides a safe, fair, inviting and challenging environment for all students.


Glenwood School is a place in which people come together to learn and to grow academically, socially, emotionally and physically, where individuals are valued for their strengths and for their differences, as well as their similarities.


Together towards Tomorrow

Statement of Beliefs

  • Each person has the right to a safe and peaceful environment.
  • Each person needs to co-operate to make learning successful and fun.
  • Each person has the right to be accepted and respected.

Glenwood By The Numbers 

Grades: K – 8

Number of Students: 159*

* Data collected in August 2018


Principal: Mike Heilmann


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Look at these amazing titles! Glenwood is very grateful for the Indigo Community Response Fund. Each of our k-8 students received a donation of fantastic, new books. We love to read and now we have fresh, new titles.Thank you!!! @IndigoLOR @Karen_Burkett

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Glenwood School says thank you Indigo Community Response Fund! So much excitement in gr. 7. "How did they know I would have picked this book myself?" Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.@IndigoLOR @Karen_Burkett

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These Glenwood gr. 7 readers dove right into their new books from the Indigo Community Response Fund the moment they received them. "These are ours?? To keep?!?!" Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. @IndigoLOR @Karen_Burkett

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