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Successful Futures Program


The Successful Futures Program is a school-based program which includes both in-school study and out-of-school work experience. It is intended for students who need the continued development of basic skills and who want to explore the work world. In general, Glenlawn Collegiate's Successful Futures Program aims to develop in students those skills and attitudes which enable them to become effective, responsible adults and competitive employees.


  • Exploration of different passions and careers– two three-week work experience blocks per school year
  • Two teachers for core subjects and a cohort similar to Gr. 9 dens
  • 37-minute Science, Math and English classes for 10 months
  • Smaller class sizes and dedicated students services support
  • Course material adapted for individual needs and strengths
  • Project-based learning with a focus on employment and life skills
  • Collaboration with divisional literacy team and clinical services
  • Graduate with a regular high school diploma



The two main goals of Successful Futures are:

  • Academic Exploration - Core courses such as Math, English, and Science are all offered in a sheltered environment where adaptations to instruction are made to improve student learning.  
  • Job Exploration - In each school year, students will go out for two, three-week work experiences.


All students interested in the program are eligible to register through administration. These students must be entering Gr. 10, . based on needs and staffing, spaces may be limited.

Work Experience

While in Successful Futures, one of the key components is Career Education. Students will receive theory and job interest training as well as experience two, three-week on-the-job work experience blocks. Students will dialogue with their teachers to establish appropriate work sites that will match their interests and abilities. Students are supervised by their SFP teachers on a regular basis while they are at their work sites.

Life After Successful Futures

After graduation, students have many possibilities that might include:


 * Academic upgrading may be required if university should be a future goal.

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