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Peer Tutoring

​Peer tutoring is a program which seeks to match students who are proficient in a skill with students who need some help in that area. Tutors, decide if they would like to use the tutoring as a credit, a half credit, for volunteer hours, or as a way to connect with and teach other students. They are matched up with students who need the tutors’ skills in an academic area; students also help new EAL students with conversations, basic skills and cultural activities.

The tutors and tutees decide when and where the tutoring will take place, and how many sessions are needed. Because they are taking responsibility for their teaching and learning, the students are learning many skills besides academic ones, and are all becoming more confident in their abilities.

How does a student get a tutor? Contact the person to the right to get started.

Information that is crucial to making a successful tutor/tutee match is this;

  • Name of student needing tutoring
  • Grade level and specific course in which student needs tutoring
  • Spares ( including lunch and after school) where student is available
  • Name of teacher of course in which student requires assistance

Please use the service. Both tutors and tutees ( and staff) have noticed a successful interaction and bond between tutors and tutees, and have also seen a growth in skill set and confidence amongst tutees.



  • Scholarship &/or volunteer hours
  • Resume content
  • Experience teaching and coaching
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Deeper understanding of your skill area
  • The joy that comes from helping others



  • Higher academic achievement
  • Improved relationships with peers
  • Improved personal and social development
  • Increased motivation



  • Increased support of student learning
  • Happier, more successful students



Monday, September 28th

B Slot – Humanities and EAL

D Slot – Math and Science


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Feel free to stop and pick up your report cards if you missed getting it. Office is open 8-2 until end of July and then reopens August 20th.

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Summer school in full force right now as well as a youth drop in. #wearebettertogether

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RT @louis_riel_sd: Another fantastic school year comes to a close. On behalf of the Division, we wish all of our students, staff and famili…

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