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Course Handbook

Most compulsory grade 9, 10, and 11 courses are prerequisites. This means that students who do not complete a compulsory course must repeat this course in summer school to remain on a four year graduation plan.

​Grade 9Grade 10​​Grade 11​Grade 12

​ ​ English (At least one choice at each grade level)

​​English E10F ​ ​ ​ E​nglish
E20F​ ​
​ ​
Comprehensive ECOMF30S
English  Dual Credit Path E20F-DCP Comprehensive
Dual Credit Path 

Functional English

 Dual Credit ELIT40S-DCP​

​ ​​ ​A second additional grade 11 or 12 English credit can be taken as an elective; see choices below.

Mathematics (At least one choice at each grade level)​ ​ ​ ​

Math M10F ​ ​Essentials ME20SEssentials ME30SEssentials ME40S
Intro to Applied & PreCal MAPC20S ​Applied
PreCal MPC30S ​Pre​Cal MPC40S​

​ ​ ​ Physical Education (At least one choice at each grade level)

​Physical Education PE10F Physical Education PE20F ​ Physical Education PE30F​ (Various Choices) Physical Education PE40F​​ (Various Choices)

Social Studies​ ​ ​ ​

Social Studies
Geography GI20F History
Additional Grade 11 and 12 courses can be taken as electives​

Science​ ​ ​ ​

Science SC10F​ Science
Additional Grade 11 & 12 courses can be taken as electives​


  • Although not compulsory, additional grade 11 and 12 Science, Social Studies, Math, and English courses can be considered as electives.
  • Students are encouraged to consult with their math teachers and student services if they are unsure about with math course they would be most successful in.

Elective Course List

The remaining credits that are required for graduation may be chosen from the list of electives. It is important to check to make sure you have passed or will pass any prerequisite courses by the time the new school year begins.

In addition to the Compulsory credits students also need the following:

  • Grade 9 students need to choose 3 electives
  • Grade 10 students need to choose 3 electives.
  • Grade 11 students need to choose 3​ electives.
  • Grade 12 students need to choose 4​ electives, at least two that are the grade 12 level

​Course Section​Grade 9Grade 10​​Grade 11​Grade 12


Visual Art​ VA​10S​ VA20S​ ​ ​ VA30S VA40S
​Visual Art Portfolio VAPORT20S VAPORT30S VAPORT40S

Business and Technology Courses

Intro to Computer Programming and Virtual Reality AITC1_15F/
​Game Design and Development​​ GDD1_25S/ 
​ ​
​Cyber Defence and Network Security​ ​​ CNS1_35S/ CNS2_35S​ ​ CSI40S​​ CSII40S
​* Yearbook
Intro to Mobile App. Design CS20 ​ ​
Computer Science​

​​​​​Dramatic Arts ​ ​ ​ ​​​

​Drama DA10S DA20S DA30S DA40S
​Improvisation IMP20SIMP30SIMP40S

​​​​Human Ecology​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Textile Arts & Design TAD10S TAD20S TAD30S TAD40S
​Family Studies FS10G FS20G FS30S FS40S
​Foods and Nutrition FN10G FN20G FN30S FN40S

​​​​Industrial Arts​ ​ ​ ​ ​

​Electronics EE10G​ EE20G EE30G EE40S
​Engineering ENP10S
​ ENAD40S​
​Power Mechanics/Auto Tech. PM10G​ PM20G PM30G PM40S
​MetalsME​T10G MET20G MET30GMET40S​
​Woodworking WT10GWT20G WT30G WT40S
​Graphic Communications GCT10G GCT20G GCT30GGCT40S
Digital​ Photography PHOTO20S​ ​ PHOTO30S​​ PHOTO40S​

​​​​​English and Languages​ ​ ​ ​ ​

​Grade 12 Second Credit of English: Dual Credit Program ELIT40S-DCP​
​French FR1​0G​ FR20G FR30S FR40S
​Mandarin MD20S MD30SMD40S
​English as an Additional Language
​​EAL11G/21G/31G​ ​​

​​​​​Music Arts ​ ​ ​ ​

​* Jazz Band JB10S JB20S JB30S JB40S
​Band CB10S​ CB20GS CB30S CB40S
​* Wind Ensemble WE20S WE30S WE40S
​* Choral Music CC10S​ CC20S CC30S CC40S
​Guitar GU10S GU20S GU30S GU40S
​* Jazz Guitar JG10S​​ JG20S JG30S JG40S
​* Musical Theatre


(You can take additional Math credits as electives)​​​​​ ​ ​ ​ ​

​Essentials *ME20S​ *ME30S *ME40S​
​Applied *​M​APC20S​ *MA30S *MA40S
​​Pre Cal *​MPC30S *​MPC40S

Science ​ 

​Biology *B30S​ *B40S​ 
​Chemistry *C30S​ *C40S
​Physics *P30S​ *P40S​​

​​​​Social Studies ​ ​ ​ ​

​First Nations, Inuit and Metis Studies            
History and Film​ ​ *HCW40S​ 
​History of Western Civilization *HWC40S​
​Global Issues *GI40S
​Law *​LA40S

Career Development


​​​​Dual Credit (University Level) English and Calculus​​ ​ ​​

​Grade 12 Second Credit of English: Dual Credit Program ELIT42U-DCP​
​Intro to Calculus/Advanced Math - Fast Forward: Dual Credit Program *MIC45S-DCP/ MAD45S​

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