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Social Studies

Grade 10

Geographic Issues of the 21st Century (GI20F) 1 credit

Prerequisite:  Canada in the Contemporary World (CCW10F)

This course is designed to increase the students' knowledge of ownership and development of natural resources, production and distribution of food, development of industry and trade and increasing urbanization.

Students will:

  • Gain a spatial perspective on physical, social and political events and processes.

  • Understand the relationship between Human and Physical geography.

  • Understand interactions among groups of people.

  • Engage in decision making and problem solving in planning, development and environmental and resource management.

  • Comprehend global interdependency.

  • Make informed judgments about environmental and social issues.


Grade 11

History of Canada (HC30F) 1 credit

Prerequisite:  Geographic Issues of the 21st Century (GI20F)

This course is designed to increase students' knowledge of the history of Canada with a focus on the social and political history of Canada from pre-contact to the present.

Students will:

  • develop historical literacies

  • have an opportunity to develop their academic, personal management, technology and teamwork skills

  • complete a variety of assignments such as presentations, research projects, internet assignments, written pieces (newspapers, journals, etc.), daily homework, and unit tests

  • explore Canadian history through the themes of First People and Nouvelle-France (beginnings to 1763), British North America (1763-1867), Becoming a Sovereign Nation (1867-1931), Achievements and Challenges (1931-1982), and Defining Contemporary Canada (1982 - present)


History of Canada: A Critical Analysis (HC30F-CA) 1 credit

Prerequisite:  Geographic Issues of the 21st Century (GI20F)

This course is designed for students who are looking for an accelerated environment that will expand beyond the provincial mandated expectations for this course. This course will cover all points as stated in the above description as well as provide the opportunities listed below.

Students will:

  • Have additional enrichment projects to expand their depth of knowledge
  • Work on developing a more analytical response to the knowledge presented
  • Have increased opportunities to develop citizenship skills through school partnerships
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RT @Glenlawn_SC: Hello Lions! Do you enjoy reading, chatting, and getting to know new people? Glenlawn's Book Club is a great place to do both! Join us in the Library Conference Room on Tuesday, September 28th at lunch. See Ms. Friesen in room 207 if you have questions.

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