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Although there are no compulsory courses in Science in grade 11 and 12, students are encouraged to consider such courses as Chemistry, Biology, and/or Physics.​​

After you graduate, you may wish to go to university, college, or become an apprentice etc.  Some programs that you may want to take have prerequisites.  If you have not taken these particular credits in high school, they will not let you into the program.

This means that some of the science courses that are chosen, or not, in grade 11 may have an effect on whether or not a student can take the program that they want after they graduate.   See Post-Secondary Information for more details, speak to a member of the Student Services team, or refer to the website of the specific institution being considered.


Grade 10

Science (SC20F) 1 credit

Prerequisite: SC10F

Students continue to develop STSE skills and attitudes in Science 20F, a course that provides an excellent foundation for future science courses, by introducing students to topics in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. 

Students will...

  • learn about biogeochemical cycles, ecosystem sustainability, population dynamics, biodiversity, and the impact of human activities on these dynamics in the Dynamics of Ecosystems unit. 
  • investigate different chemical reactions: learn about the properties of acids and bases and their use in biological, industrial, and domestic processes in the Chemistry in Action unit .
  • analyze relationships among displacement, velocity, and acceleration of objects in steady motion, examine various components of a vehicle's movement including roller coaster and car crash physics, in the In Motion unit. 
  • Learn of Earth's radiation budget, atmospheric heat transfer, and severe weather phenomena, and the potential social, economic, and environmental causes and consequences of climate change​​ in the Weather Dynamics unit.
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