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July 2021

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    RT @bananasinpjsmum: Some of the 634 books read by the grade 7s in room 18 this year. Very proud of them all for challenging themselves all year. Keep it up! @darwinLRSD @darwinlibrary @RCGWinnipeg

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    RT @Jen_Ken13: We’ve visited the local community garden plots a few times to see what’s growing, and to reflect on why certain gardens have different features to attract pollinators. We FINALLY found a monarch caterpillar on milkweed thanks to a friendly gardener’s tip! @darwinLRSD

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    RT @Jen_Ken13: Taking care of our newly planted garden is a daily job. These kids are super gardeners and LOVE to pull weeds and tell people the names of all the flowers! @darwinLRSD

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