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Course Handbook

Co​mpulsory Provincial Course List

Most compulsory grade 9, 10, and 11 courses are prerequisites. This means that students who do not complete a compulsory course must repeat this course in summer school to remain on a four year graduation plan.

The following five courses indicate the compulsory courses for Grade 9 students entering Dakota Collegiate: English 10F, Math 10F, Social Studies 10F, Science 10F and Physical Education 10F.

​Grade 9Grade 10​​Grade 11​Grade 12

​ ​ English

English 10F ​ ​English 20F​ ​ ​
Comprehensive 30S
Comprehensive 40S

Lancer 360⁰

​ ​

Mathematics (At least one choice at each grade level)​ ​ ​ ​

Math 10F ​ ​Essentials 20S​Essentials 30SEssentials 40S
​Intro to Applied & PreCal 20SApplied 30S​Applied 40S
​PreCal 30SPre​Cal 40S​

​ ​ ​ Physical Education

Physical Education 10FPhysical Education 20F​Physical Education 30FPhysical Education 40F​
Sports Academy 20F (Basketball, Dance, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball)​Physical Education Female Fitness 30F​Physical Education Female Fitness 40F​​
Physical Education Human Performance 30FPhysical Education Human Performance 40F​
Sports Academy 30F (Basketball, Dance, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball)​Sports Academy 40F (Basketball, Dance, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball)​​
Physical Education Community 40F​

Social Studies​ ​ ​ ​

Social Studies 10F​Geography 20F​History 30F​ Additional Grade 12 courses can be taken as electives​

Science​ ​ ​ ​

Science 10F​Science 20F​ Additional Grade 11 & 12 courses can be taken as electives​


  • Although not compulsory, additional grade 11 and 12 science courses and additional grade 12 social studies courses are encouraged to be considered as electives.
  • Students are encouraged to listen to the math course recommendation made by their math teachers and speak to them if they wish to register for a math course that they have not been recommended.

Elective Course List

The remaining credits that are required for graduation may be chosen from the list of electives. It is important to check to make sure you have passed or will pass any prerequisite courses by the time the new school year begins.

In addition to the Compulsory credits students also need the following:

  • Grade 9 students need to choose 2 electives
  • Grade 10 students need to choose 3 electives.
  • Grade 11 students need to choose 4 electives.
  • Grade 12 students need to choose 3 electives, at least two that are the grade 12 level
​Course Section​Grade 9Grade 10​​Grade 11​Grade 12

Applied Commerce Education

Business Communications​​​BC30S
Business Innovations​BI10S
​Creative Promotions​CRP20S​
​Economic PrinciplesECP40S​
​Lancer Credit Union​LWP20SLWB30SLWT40S​
​Marketing & Digital CommerceMDC40S​
​Personal FinancePF​20S​


Art​VA10SVA20S​ ​ ​VA30S​VA40S

Technology Courses

​Computer Science​CS20S​CS30S​CS40S
​* Yearbook (Digital Pictures/Desktop Publishing)
Grades 9-10 students welcome

​​​​​Dramatic Arts ​ ​ ​ ​​​

​* Musical TheatreMT10S​MT20S​MT30S​MT40S​

​​​​Human Ecology​ ​ ​ ​ ​

​Clothing, Housing and DesignTAD10S​TAD20S​TAD30STAD40S​
​Family StudiesFS10SFS20S​FS30S​FS40S​
​Foods and NutritionFN10S​FN20S​FN30S​FN40S​

​​​​Industrial Arts​ ​ ​ ​ ​

​Drafting DesignDT10G​DT20G​
​Power Mechanics TechnologyPM10G​PM20G​PM30G​PM40S​

​​​​​Languages​ ​ ​ ​ ​

​English as an Additional Language



​​​​​Performing Arts ​ ​ ​ ​

​* Jazz BandJB10S​JB20S​JB30S​JB40S​

​Beginner Band

​* Wind EnsembleWE20SWE30S​WE40S​
​* Concert ChoirCC10S​CC20S​CC30S​CC40S​
​* Vocal Jazz


​​​​​Leadership​ ​ ​ 

​Recreational & Athletic LeadershipPE31G​PE41G​

​Science ​ 


​​​​Social Studies ​ ​ ​ ​

​Canada 180°

​Global Issues​WI40S; WI40G
​History of Rock & RollHRR40S
​History of Western CivilizationH40G/H40S​
​​Canadian LawLA40S​

​​​​Advanced Placement Courses ​ ​ ​

​AP BiologyB42S​
​Intro to Calculus/Advanced Math



​AP ChemistryC42S​
​AP World History (Online)H42S​
​AP PhysicsP42S​


  • It is best for students to take electives that are within their grade level. 
  • Many students will consider additional Math courses as an elective. 

*The following are additional electives which students may take outside of the regular timetable. Because they are outside the timetable, they are in addition to the credits that most students will take in one year. These are usually scheduled at noon or after school. These courses are: Jazz Band, Choral Music, Musical Theatre, Vocal Jazz, Yearbook and Wind Ensemble.

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RT @Darren66838527: So happy to have Victoria Sparks, Allan Harrington, and Richard Gillis from the music department at the U of M perform for the Dakota Collegiate band students. Thank you! Bravo! ⁦@dciLRSD

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Student leadership kicking off the United Way Campaign. Purchase a sticker for Jersey Day (Oct. 15) in support of United Way! #LancerNation @UnitedWayWpg

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Dakota Visual Arts students have created an Art in Nature Trail at the community Beliveau Forest. The intention is wellness and awareness. Having people come into Nature and Observe Art is good for the soul as well as witnessing student voice on a variety of environmental issues.

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