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Planning for Semestered Courses

​There are two semesters per year at Dakota. Semester one runs September-January, semester two from February-June.

  • Grade 9 students will be enrolled in a combination of semestered and non semestered courses. Grade 9 students must take English, Social Studies, Science, Math, Physical Education and Lancer 360. These courses will be offered in a non semestered format. Grade 9's will then take one elective per semester.​
  • Grade 10 and 11 students must select and register for eight courses which they would like to take during the school year. Students will be scheduled for these courses throughout the two semesters. 
  • ​Grade 12 students should select and register for the appropriate number and type of courses that will allow them to graduate by the end of the school year. 

Students who wish to take courses above their grade level must ensure they have the required prerequisite courses. Taking classes above a student’s grade level will only be allowed if they select these courses at course selection time. Timetable changes to take courses at higher grade levels cannot be done in August or once the year begins. 

There are a few optional courses offered at lunch and after school hours. This will allow some students a chance to earn additional credits. 

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Shout out to Coach Butt and Coach Balko on their big win tonight over Vincent Massey! Congratulations JV Boys!

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Thanks to Mr. Odwak’s persistent recruiting we now have more than 70 students in our Concert Choral class! #music #choral #beautifulvoices

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Grade 11 DCI artist Faiza showing the power of art! - via @winnipegnews

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