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High School Credit System

​The number of credits needed to graduate is 30 over four years. This includes all of the required provincial compulsory and optional credits throughout their grade 9, 10, 11, and 12 years. 

In order to graduate,​ a student must complete all the requirements below. For example, if a student has 34 credits, but does not have a grade 12 English credit, they are NOT eligible to graduate because grade 12 English is a compulsory course. 

Most compulsory grade 9, 10, and 11 courses are prerequisites. This means that students who fail a compulsory course must repeat this course in summer school to remain on a four year graduation plan. The courses listed below are compulsory.

​​​​Grade 9
5 ​Compulsory
Grade 10​
5 Compulsory
Grade 11
4 Compulsory​
Grade 12
3 Compulsory​
​English 10FEnglish 20F​English 30S​English 40S​
​Math 10FMath 20S​Math 30S​Math 40S​
​Phys. Ed 10FPhys. Ed 20F​Phys. Ed. 30F​Phys. Ed. 40F​
​Social Studies 10FGeography 20F​History 30F​Grade 12 Option
​Science 10FScience 20F​​Grade 11 OptionGrade 12 Option​
​3 Options3 Options​3 Options1 Option​
​8 Credits8 Credits​8 Credits​6 Credits​

Note: There are differences between high school graduation requirements and post-secondary (university/college) entrance requirements. A student may graduate from high school but be unable to enter the school of their choice if a student has not taken the needed credits. It is wise to learn more about post-secondary entrance requirements​ early in a student’s high school career. ​​

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Félicitations Muhammad et Nolan! Récipiendaires du certificat de distinction pour le Concours Cayley de l’année 2020. Bravo!

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A reminder that tomorrow is picture day for those with morning classes. October 1st for students with day 3 morning classes.

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Welcome back to the grade 11 and grade 12s who were back today! Grade 9 & 10 are back Thursday. Your schedules have been posted. Please check your email for more information.

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