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Parent Information

​Welcome to the Collège Béliveau parent information section. This is the hub of all information related to our Parent Advisory Council (PAC).

Council Objectives

The PAC objectives include: 

  • Sharing information on school policies, programs, extracurricular activities, divisional policies, etc.;
  • Providing a forum for discussion on the above;
  • Providing feedback on the above;
  • Fundraising for special projects that enhance the school and,
  • Organizing parent volunteers when needed for school events.

For further information on the PAC, please send inquiries to  Your contribution to the PAC would help us to continue enhancing the school and keep you in the know.

Executive and Committee Members

The executive and committee members for 2021-2022 are as follows:


​Chair​Thérèse Houston
Marla Nystrom-Smith
​Secretary​Laura Barkman

Committee Chairs

​Fundraising Committee
Kelly Grijalva/Jennifer Wade
​Parent Volunteer Committee
Eryn Barthel
​Staff Appreciation
Claudette Thibert

Fundraising Activities

Our Parent Committee has organized two fundraising activities this year to support a variety of initiatives at Collège Béliveau. If you require extra fundraising forms, you can download other forms by clicking on either the Farm to School or Show 'n Save links.

Overview of Extracurricular Trips

Collège Béliveau plans and organizes a variety of extracurricular school trips each year for the different grade levels. These trips have become a part of our culture and are something that our students look forward to each year. Please review the overview of these activities to assist you in your planning for future events.

Parent Committee Meeting Minutes

CB PAC AGM Minutes Sept 2019.pdf

CB PAC Meeting Minutes-Mar 3 2020.pdf

CB PAC AGM Minutes Dec 8 2020.pdf

CB PAC April 6 2021 Meeting Minutes.pdf

CB PAC Meeting Minutes June 8 2021.pdf

CB PAC December 1 2021 Meeting Minutes.pdf

CB PAC January 11 2022 Meeting Minutes.pdf

CB PAC Meeting Minutes February 2 2022.pdf


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ico twitter

Our student council hard at work leaving their mark! Bien fait les élèves!!

ico twitter

Our two gr. 12s receiving the sport bursary given to two graduating student athletes. Katherine Wilton and Deven have done so much for us over the years and have always represented their school with pride! More pictures of our athletic banquet.

ico twitter

Here’s a look at our 2 recipients for Athlete of the Year. Two very talented and deserving athletes! Félicitations Jazmin Birch et Max Brennenstuhl! Our first in person athletic banquet in two years! Great to see all our athletes in one place to celebrate their accomplishments!

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