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Who We Are

​​​Archwoo​​d School Mission Statement

Archwood School will provide for a school population composed of students who reflect the diverse components of a modern, urban society—a caring and nurturing environment in which all students are given opportunities to grow and develop academically, socially and emotionally to their full potential. 

We believe that all children and adults have the right to learn, work, and play in a safe and happy place. 

Archwood By The Numbers

​​Grades: K-8

Number of Students: 186*

​* Data collected August 2018


Principal: Karen Duffield

Vice-Principal: Lisa McLellan-Bowes

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RT @Mrs_RChurch: The kindergartens at ⁦@archwoodLRSD⁩ wish everyone a wonderful winter. Our snow globe fingerprint craft turned out fantastic!

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RT @jesstafford14: ❄️ I’ve noticed that so many of my photos from this year are taken outdoors. I believe it’s because everything is prettier outside, but I also know we’re spending more time out here than I ever have before. Either way, I like it! ❄️

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RT @Mrs_RChurch: Kindergartens at ⁦@archwoodLRSD⁩ having fun with patterns blocks!

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