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High School Apprenticeship Program


High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP) enables students to earn up to eight grade 12 credits and up to 880 hours of on-the-job training towards continued apprenticeship training after graduation. Mature Diploma students can earn a maximum of six credits and 660 hours. Depending on school timetable, students may be able to do paid work during the day, evening, or weekend. Summer work can count too.

Students must work a minimum of 110 hours towards apprenticeship in any of over 40 designated trades to receive one credit. Students must maintain a grade of 70% or higher on their workplace evaluations.

Combining ATC and HSAP allows students registered at ATC to enroll in HSAP for their paid trade-related evening, weekend and summer work. Students can combine the hours earned through both programs for a significant start on apprenticeship.

Prerequisites and Beneficial Skills

  • Students must be at least 16 years of age and completing core subjects in Grades 10–12.

Roles and Responsibilities of HSAP Partners

What does the student do?

To gain entry into the HSAP program the student:

  • finds an employer willing and able to train an apprentice
  • contacts LRSD apprenticeship teacher to:
    • complete the required application and pay $50 registration fee
    • work with school to ensure an appropriate timetable is possible

Once accepted into the HSAP program, the student:

  • arranges travel to and from work
  • maintains all in-school studies and a grade of 70% or higher in on-the-job training
  • informs the employer of any absences
  • reports regularly all hours worked to the LRSD apprenticeship

What does the Louis Riel School Division HSAP teacher do?

  • assists students with the completion and submission of required application and fee
  • communicates with students and employers about their roles and responsibilities
  • assists with the completion of a suitable timetable
  • monitors student progress, attendance and work skills and coordinates the issuing of HSAP credits
  • acts as a liaison between the student, employer and Apprenticeship Manitoba

What does the employer do?

  • provides coverage/insurance in the event of a workplace accident
  • provides an orientation session for each student on the trade area, work safety, hazards, first aid station, etc.
  • ensures all trade regulations are followed including:
    • a qualified trainer is on site at all times with the student
    • the apprentice-to-journeyperson ratio is correct
    • the student is paid according to the guidelines set forth in the provincial trade regulation
    • ensures the student receives training in various tasks within the trade
    • ensures all on-the-job expectations are communicated to student and supports the student’s continuance of in-school studies
    • reports all absences, issues or dismissal to the LRSD apprenticeship teacher
    • evaluates the student and records all hours worked by the student

What does the Apprenticeship Manitoba HSAP coordinator do?

  • approves applications
  • inspects and approves work sites ensures student and employer are aware of all provincial and federal workers compensation and employment standards
  • monitors on-the-job practical skills

What do the parents/guardians do?

  • assist in the completion of the application (students under the age of 18 require consent from the parent/guardian)
  • assist by encouraging the student to meet school, employer and Apprenticeship Manitoba expectations

What about insurance?

While working on the job, students are employees of the employer and the employer is required to provide insurance coverage. If the trade is deemed compulsory by Workers Compensation, students must receive Workers Compensation coverage from Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba. Where the employer is within a non-compulsory trade, then it is the employer’s responsibility to provide insurance comparable to provincial Workers Compensation coverage. Students who are working for a parent or guardian may apply for an insurance waiver. If an accident occurs, the employer should inform the Louis Riel School Division HSAP teacher and follow standard accident procedures.

Tuition and Fees

Application Fee: $50 required by Apprenticeship Manitoba
Tuition: NO COST
Additional Costs: Students may be required to purchase safety equipment and/or a uniform as deemed necessary by trade regulations. Students may also wish to purchase additional tools to increase their tool inventory.


Qualifying Trades

Industrial Trades

Electric Motor System Technician 
Industrial Electrician 
Industrial Instrument Mechanic 
Industrial Mechanic (millwright) 
Power Electrician 
Rig Technician
Tool and Die Maker
Water and Waste Technician

Transportation Trades

Agricultural Equipment Technician 
Aircraft Maintenance Journeyperson
Automotive Painter
Automotive Service Technician
Diesel Engine Mechanic
Gas Turbine and Overhaul Technician 
Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic 
Marine & Outdoor Power Equipment Technician 
Motor Vehicle Body Painter 
Motor Vehicle Body Repairer 
Railway Car Technician 
Recreational Vehicle Service Technician 
Transport Trailer Technician 
Truck & Transport Mechanic

Construction Trades

Concrete Finisher 
Construction Craft Worker (Labourer)
Construction Electrician 
Crane & Hoist Equipment Operator
Domestic Gasfitter
Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)
Floorcovering Installer 
Insulator (Heat & Frost) 
Lather (Interior Systems Mechanic)
Landscape Horticulturist
Painter & Decorator 
Pre-Engineered Building Erector 
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic
Sheet Metal Worker 
Sloped Roofer
Sprinkler System Installer 
Water and Wastewater Technician

Service Trades

Floor Covering Installer
Landscape Horticulturalist
Parts Person
Pork Production Technician


  • Explore careers in trades in a real setting
  • Make your part-time job count
  • Begin apprenticeship while in school
  • Earn Grade 12 credits towards graduation
  • Get paid to learn

Contact Information

LRSD HSAP Coordinator
phone: (204) 792 4316 • fax: (204) 231 0038 

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