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  • MyConnect


    MYConnect provides project-based learning opportunities to reinforce and compliment the grade 7/8 curriculum. 

    MYConnect uses community building activities to strengthen peer connections, which will enhance social skills and improve self-esteem and self-respect.

    Classes are hosted in a woodworking lab with attached nutrition lab at The René Deleurme Centre and Glenwood school. Students attend one half day per six-day school cycle. 

    Lessons are hands-on, with focus on numeracy and literacy, complementing the middle years classroom curriculum.

    Besides instruction in school, students can expect to go out of the building and are involved in every facet of programming. From grocery shopping, to cooking, to community walks, to purchasing lumber, students build a strong sense of ownership and pride in their community all while experiencing real-life examples of school curriculum. 

    Schools identify students who are eligible for MYConnect. For more information contact Lee Foster at 204 257-7308 ex 63361 or