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  • Divisional Policies - E

    Section E: Support Services

    Section E of the NEPN classification system contains policies pertaining to non-instructional services and programs, such as safety, building and grounds management, office services, and transportation.

    Listed below are Section E policies applicable to the Louis Riel School Division. To the right of each title are links to the main policy as well as supporting documents, such as protocols, appendices and forms. Note that some links are restricted to divisional employees.

    NEPN Code

    Links to Policies and Support Documents  

    EBPolicy: Initiatives to Support Sustainable Development
    EBBCPolicy: Indoor Air Quality: Responding to Concerns About Scented Products
    EBCAPolicy: Emergency Preparedness Plan
    EBCEPolicy: Emergency School Closing
    ECAFPolicy: Security: Video Surveillance Systems
    EDCPolicy: Authorized Use of School / Division-owned Equipment
    EDEPolicy: Regulation of Non-Recyclable Materials
    EEA-1Policy: Student Transportation
    Protocol: Student Services Transportation
    EEA-2Policy: Student Transportation: Students in a Joint Custody Arrangement
    Form: Transportation of Student(s) in Joint custody - Application Form
    EEABPolicy: Seat Restraints
    EEAEPolicy: Student Transportation: Safety Procedures to Prepare for Field Trips
    Protocol: Guideline for Transporting Musical Instruments on School Buses
    EEAEEAPolicy: Student Transportation: Weather-Related Cancellation of School Buses
    EEAGPolicy: Non-Instructional Transportation: Schools, Family Centres, and Community Programs
    Protocol: Non-Instructional Transportation: Schools, Family Centres, and Community Programs
    EFAPolicyNutrition in Schools