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  • Divisional Policies - C

    Section C: General School Administration

    Section C of the NEPN classification system contains policies pertaining to school management, administrative organization, and school building and department administration. It also houses personnel policies related to the Senior Leadership Team.

    Listed below are Section C policies applicable to the Louis Riel School Division. To the right of each title are links to the main policy as well as supporting documents, such as protocols, appendices and forms. Note that some links are restricted to divisional employees. 

    NEPN Code

    Links to Policies and Support Documents

    CBCPolicy: Superintendent of Schools: Roles & Responsibilities
    CBIPolicy: Supervision/Evaluation: Superintendent of Schools
    CCAPolicy: Divisional Organization Chart
    Chart: Organizational Chart: Supporting Student Learning
    CDAPolicy: Supervision/Evaluation Process: Senior Leadership Team
    CDBAPolicy: Secretary-Treasurer: Roles & Responsibilities
    Protocol: Secretary-Treasurer: Roles and Responsibilities
    CDBBPolicy: Temporary Absence of Superintendent of Schools or Secretary-Treasurer

    Policy: Assistant Superintendents: Roles & Responsibilities

    CDBDPolicy: Directors: Roles & Responsibilities
    CDBEPolicy: Assistant Secretary-Treasurer: Roles & Responsibilities
    CHPolicyPolicy Implementation