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  • Sandy Nemeth

    Sandy.jpg(204) 230-6475

    Ward 3

    School Board Member since 2010

    Sandy first ran for election to the school board out of a desire to better understand the politics, processes and policies that were guiding and influencing the educational experiences of her own children, and to ensure parent voice was represented at the board table.  Through two re-elections, Sandy has continued to be a vocal champion of public education, the role school boards play in student success, the critical need for parent, student and community voice in decision making, and the importance of maintaining local board autonomy. 

    Eager to ensure LRSD students have a rich, fulfilling and successful K-12 experience, she remains unquestionably supportive of the Louis Riel School Division priorities for student learning. While any chance to talk and learn is time she considers well spent, her most relevant and valued engagement comes from being in LRSD schools, attending events, and talking with students, parents, staff, teachers, administrators and community members.   

    Sandy is currently Vice-Chair of the LRSD Board of Trustees. She continues to serve and support school boards in Manitoba as Region 5 Director on the Manitoba School Boards Association (MSBA) executive, after 5 years in the position of Vice-President for boards with over 6,000 students.