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  • Belonging

    Creating a Culture of Equity and Inclusion

    "The universal longing for human bonds is cultivated by relationships of trust so that the child can say, 'I am loved.'"*

    From January to June 2019, the Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) community engaged in a series of conversations about visioning for our future.

    The themes that emerged informed our renewed Vision and Mission and helped illuminate four strategic priorities that frame the LRSD Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP) for 2019-2023.

    Our four strategic priorities parallel the quadrants of the Circle of Courage, an Indigenous inspired whole-learner framework for a holistic learning journey that incorporates concepts of Belonging, Mastery, Independence and Generosity.

    These values were first described in the book, Reclaiming Youth at Risk, co-authored by Larry Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg, and Steve Van Bockern, as a whole-learner framework. The Circle of Courage is also used as a reference tool in our strength-based class profile process in all 40 LRSD schools.

    *Principles of the Circle of Courage: From Reclaiming Youth at Risk: Our Hope for the Future by Larry Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg, and Steve Van Bockern 


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