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Community Consultation - Policy KLG

At the January 16, 2024, Public Board Meeting, the Louis Riel School Division Board of Trustees passed for First Reading of Policy KLG: School Relations with Police Services. The policy was presented to the Board following a year-long process reviewing our legislated responsibilities as a public school system, research into similar policies in place nationally and internationally, and an examination of protocols developed by government bodies and individual school districts.  

The policy which directs the development of a Police/School Board Protocol seeks to:  

  1. Ensure a consistent approach when schools engage with police services;  
  2. Clearly delineate decision-making authority;  
  3. Articulate agreed-upon procedures for responding to situations that require police consultation or intervention;  
  4. Promote dialogue and the establishment and maintenance of effective relationships between schools and police services based on cooperation and shared understandings; and 
  5. Respect the rights of victims and witnesses, as well as those of alleged perpetrators.  

On May 9, 2024, we invite members of the LRSD Community to join us for an evening of conversation to review and provide feedback on Policy KLG: School Relations with Police Services

Registration for the event is required. Please complete this Registration Form if you would like to attend.