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Another Opportunity to Gain Insight

April 10, 2019

In January 2019, more than 3,300 students, staff and parents engaged in our first ever Thoughtexchange interactive event to help us renew our Vision, Mission and Values statements. Participants were able to share more than 4,700 thoughts and had the opportunity to review and rank all the ideas being collected. You can check out all the thoughts exchanged at this event by taking a look at this summary webpage.

The feedback from the January event provided a great snapshot of the educational priorities of the LRSD community and helped to inform the renewed Vision, Mission and Values statements the Board is in the process of ratifying. These positioning statements will frame a second Thoughtexchange taking place next Tuesday, April 16, where we'll be asking the community what LRSD's strategic priorities should be for 2019-2023. This invaluable stakeholder feedback will help inform the Louis Riel School Board's Multi-Year Strategic Plan. 

Christian Michalik, Superintendent
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One of our board members shares what her past eight months on the job has been like :)

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RT @mrheilmann: Taking some time to get next years additions to the @glenwoodLRSD board game collection ready before the Summer Library opens. That’s a lot of sleeving, punching and sorting! Can’t wait to get these great titles out to the students! @louis_riel_sd @gametolearnmb https://t.co/vN1oT0ddZt

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No more teachers, no more books . . . 🎓🎉 Learners from across LRSD are celebrating the last official day of the school year. Find out how many graduated this year and some of the well-wishes from staff to our newest LRSD alumni. http://ow.ly/NhGz50uPpyG

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RT @sigurdson_chris: With all the noise on social media this is the real story that's gets shouted down. Real people caring for each other and their communities. I truly believe that, at heart, people are good. Let's celebrate it and spread these stories. https://t.co/7GgoBNN863

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Louis Riel School Division shared a post.

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RT @TheGlobalGoals: Let's celebrate the #GlobalGoals on #WorldEmojiDay! Help us 🔚 poverty, 👊 inequality & 🛑climate change by 2030 🌎 https://t.co/wC0uMuf5mx

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