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Teens raking up responsibility

October 29, 2020

​By: Taylor Brock, CVHN reporter, originally posted on Thursday, Oct. 29

A group of students at Glenlawn Collegiate are making a point of being a good neighbour.

Teacher Dan Law says that he and a group of students in his Lifeworks class go into the community to rake leaves for those in need.

"It is a little bit different than the classroom, but every time I say 'hey we are going out and raking' they are like ' hey! That is awesome! Where are we going?" Law says.

While the group will only go as far as a 15-minute walk away, he says they have had great feedback from their neighbours. Two different classes will go out, with the company of three to four additional adults. 

"We are a more than capable group willing to help out."

Law says the group typically helps those who cannot do the yard work themselves.

Before the group headed out, there was some practice required.

"We started out actually practicing some run-throughs on the Glenlawn grounds."

So far the teens have 16 homes to visit on their list, with most of those having already received help.

"The snow has put a little bit of a damper on our plan for the next week."

The groups will next start shovelling.

While students may be doing a chore most teens are apprehensive about doing at their own homes, Law says the idea actually came from an idea from two years ago.

"When I started bringing it up you should have seen the excitement when we created the flyer, I told them what was going on. They were ready to get out into the neighbourhood and be seen."

He says students enjoy going into the community to help others and hope they go home to talk about what they did.

"Before I leave I always ask 'does it look like we have been there,' Law says. "We always want to make sure that when we leave the yard, that it looks like our group was there (and) we took care of a yard as if it was our own."

He says the experience has been positive for the community and for his students.

"They are very thankful for the opportunity to have the kids out there and helping."

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