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Student Supports LRSD Endowment Fund

May 18, 2021

When the Riel-Evate Endowment Fund Committee went looking for a volunteer to help update our informational brochure, it didn't take long for aspiring graphic designer and Windsor Park Collegiate student Akira Sakaki to put up their hand with an offer of assistance.  

Akira has retooled and updated the original brochure to reflect the continued goals of the Committee and the inspiring intent of the endowment fund. We think it looks fabulous!

Tangible information will assist us in getting the word out as the Committee works to increase the size of the endowment in support of community and student success. We extend a sincere thank you to Akira for a very generous donation of time and talent, with best wishes for success in their post-secondary pursuits. 

-The Riel-Evate Endowment Fund Committee

Akira Sakaki.jpg

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RT @nordaleLRSD: Canada Votes…Nordale WILL! Our polling station and scrutineers are all set up ready for our student voters to cast their ballots! ⁦@NordaleLibrary⁩ ⁦@louis_riel_sdhttps://t.co/nurhvDqrfP

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RT @minnetonkaLRSD: It's election day in Canada but also at Minnetonka School! Learning about the importance of voting in a democratic society early in life is valuable. The Gr. 1/2's took this very seriously this morning! #BeKind #BeUseful #DoYourBest #StudentVote https://t.co/wikyZqwYTq

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Canadians across the country are heading to the polls today for #Elxn44 and students across the Louis Riel School Division are learning about elections and democracy❎ https://t.co/cpM8s1z3BG https://t.co/wTGBzcSSx1

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