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Showcasing Success at the Propel Exhibition Night

June 20, 2022
Propel is an interdisciplinary project-based learning program offered at Nelson McIntyre Collegiate (NMC) where each student pursues an individualized project. It is a space where students make creative energy the focus of their studies. On June 16, 2022, students in the Propel program hosted an exhibition of that creativity as they presented their semester-long projects to the public. 

In Propel, students work on what matters to them and have the opportunity to collaborate with peers to further establish goals and set high standards. The exhibition event consisted of different interactive project centers where guests had the opportunity to walk around and visit the project of their choosing. The event was hosted in several spaces around NMC.  

The evening started with a short presentation from two graduating Propel students, Alexandra Mason and Owen Gaunt. The refreshments were provided by student Ezra Ethier who was showcasing her newly published cookbook. The music and entertainment in the background also stemmed from Propel projects. 
propel 2.jpg
Propel 12.jpg 

Students exhibited everything from art, to video games, fashion, interior design, environmental outreach, literacy, and animation all in one collaborative effort. They provided a list of questions for guests to ask prior to the presentations and spoke about their struggles and accomplishments to further inspire the public.
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"As a class, we set many goals, and this evening portrayed how devoted we've all been this semester," said Alexandra Mason and Mikayla Richard, students in the Propel program. "The amazing compliments and feedback relayed to us demonstrated that we could accomplish anything we set our minds to."

The hosting students wanted everyone to feel like they were a part of their projects and so they made their stations as interactive as possible. For example, Kallan Kujanpaa's had a monitor set up so that while guests attended his presentation, they could also play his incredibly ambitious video game.

Mariam and Sabrina showcased their project in the form of a room tour and a theatre view of an animation. Students who focused on fashion projects demonstrated their final product by modelling one-of-a-kind clothing, shoes, and jewelry. Authors, activists, animators, and artists made visually stunning stations where the public could see firsthand all of their hard work. 
Propel 6.jpg
"We would like to thank all the trustees, faculty, family, and friends that came out to support us," said Alexandra and Mikayla. "But most of all we would like to thank our teacher, Mr. Hansen. We appreciate all the time and energy that he has devoted to us and our projects. After an incredible amount of endless effort put in this semester, this evening was a great way to showcase all this hard work."

Thank you to Alexandra Mason and Mikayla Richard, students in the Propel program, for providing the content for this article. 

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