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December 1, 2017

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RIEL-EVATE is a school community foundation that aims to engage individuals in LRSD with the various communities around them. RIEL-EVATE's reach will not be exclusive to LRSD matters, but an opportunity for those in our division to come together to have a positive impact on their own community and many others.

Over the last year RIEL-EVATE has hosted annual Spring and Winter free clothing drives, offering families from around the Division and the City the opportunity to receive gently used garments. RIEL-EVATE is showing support directly within our schools by offering scholarship opportunities and donating to the ASPIRE program. 

Along with these initiatives, RIEL-EVATE members have been actively engaged in the LRSD community, providing supports as necessary. 

RIEL-EVATE is a registered charity and proud partner with United Way. To learn more about RIEL-EVATE and how to donate, click here

Recently, RIEL-EVATE hosted it's second annual Winter Clothing Drive, offering gently used winter clothing to families for free. As well, RIEL-EVATE's first ever 'Bands That Make a Difference' fundraiser was hosted on Friday, November 25 and saw a rockin' turn out to support the foundation. 

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Discover the highlights from last week's Board of Trustees Meeting: https://t.co/Y3NPkMthHp The next regular meeting of the Board is Tuesday, December 1, 2020. All are welcome! The agenda will be published the Friday prior. https://t.co/xzB0w0PPQe

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Two students from @wpcLRSD volunteered their time and talent to help @RIELEVATE, an endowment fund that supports programs and initiatives in our community that directly benefit students and their families. Read more in this article by @TrusteeLouiseJ: https://t.co/OSbP5s7skO

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RT @PBLWorks: Looking to scaffold thinking in Project Based Learning? Download this document for routines! https://t.co/YMFkIRXpaV #visiblethinking #PBL #criticalthinking https://t.co/pOTPIuF8kc

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