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Public Board Highlights Dec. 21, 2021

January 7, 2022

The meeting was called to order by Chair Louise Johnston, with the reading of the Louis Riel School Division Land Acknowledgement and the Vision and Mission statements.

The board welcomed Divisional Principal Ron Cadez, teachers Robin Plouffe-Hingley and Jennifer Sitka, and school psychologist Rob George who provided an overview of the Early Years Evaluation - Direct Assessment (EYE-DA) data and how it is informing classroom practice, along with recent refinements to Early Literacy in LRSD.

On behalf of the LRSD Endowment Fund Committee, Trustee Nemeth congratulated winners of the recent raffle and 50/50 and thanked students in the Applied Business Management Program at the Louis Riel Arts & Technology Centre for their donation. 

The Chair reaffirmed the board's commitment to supporting school parent groups and reiterated the interest and availability of trustees to attend parent council meetings.   

A review of electoral wards in LRSD is under way with proposed changes to ward geographies to be confirmed in January 2022.

Pandemic updates focused on vaccinations, ventilation of work and learning spaces, masks, and rapid test kit receipt and distribution.

Director of Facilities, Maintenance and Transportation Amarbeer Bhandari reported on the status and timelines of capital projects and corresponding capital support requirements and requests. A request for information by Trustee Landry on aspects of Murray Field was addressed, and recent professional learning for the Leadership Team and clerical staff was highlighted.

The Board received communications updates showing widespread deployment of, and engagement with, MailChimp campaigns and social media platforms.

Policy GBGBC - Safe Work & Learning Environment: Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination of Staff & Visitors, and Policy JLIJ - Safe Work & Learning Environment: Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination of New International Students were both amended to align with current Public Health Orders.

Policy JLIL - Safe Work & Learning Environment: Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination of Post-Secondary Students, and Policy ACH - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion each received first reading.

Prior to adjourning the meeting, questions posed by the public in attendance were answered by the Chair and Superintendent.

The next regular meeting of the Louis Riel School Division Board of Trustees is January 18, 2022.  All are welcome to register their attendance once the agenda is posted on January 14 at www. lrsd.net.

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RT @howdenLRSD: École Howden is hosting a public COVID-19 vaccine clinic today, January 18th, until 6:30 pm. First and second doses are available as well as the booster. We are located at 150 Howden Rd. There is currently no line-up so come on down!

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LRSD has developed dashboards that allow the public to view self-reported student absences and are working on dashboards related to staff absences: https://t.co/35M12IXwSo The dashboards will refresh every school day at 4:30 p.m. and include data on COVID-related absences. https://t.co/49xfEgHVpr

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School buses are cancelled east of Plessis Road & South of Perimeter Hwy due to inclement weather❄ Stay tuned to @transportLRSD for any additional updates. City school buses are running but delays are expected and wait times to board may be longer than usual. https://t.co/KLd1XFm31W

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