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LRSD High Schools Support RIEL-EVATE’s Locker Cleanup Program

Glenlawn, Dakota, J.H. Bruns Collegiate and Collége Beliveau responded to RIEL-EVATE’s Locker Clean-up and Recycling Program this June. 

The program encourages students to donate their gently used school supplies at the end of the school year, with RIEL-EVATE cleaning and refurbishing the items for future use. 

Thanks to LRSD students RIEL-EVATE received the following list of items that will be recycled for students in the new school year:

  • Over 20 boxes with an assortment of binders 
  • A box of duo-tang folders
  • A full box of loose leaf paper 
  • Several knapsacks
  • A box of assorted pens 
  • Pencils and coloured pencils 
  • 18 pairs of athletic shoes

Ron Koskie, Committee Chair of the Locker Clean-up and Recycling Program, was joined by his wife Joanne, 4 of their grandchildren, Jack Fraser (Chair of LRSD retired teachers association) and Wayne Ruff (RIEL-EVATE Co-Chair) as the group cleaned binders, sorted paper and duo-tangs and sanitized gym shoes. 

All of the materials are now ready for distribution to families and children in our school community!

We would like to send a big thank you to Pam Rajotte and Brio for their donation of 3 ring binders.

RIEL-EVATE sends our thanks to all of the administration and staff from the high schools for their efforts in supporting the Locker Clean-up and Recycling Program!

RIEL-EVATE Locker Cleanup 2017.jpg

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