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Getting the EDGE at the Louis Riel Arts and Technology Centre

September 7, 2018

The Louis Riel Arts and Technology Centre (ATC) is a leader in career and technical education, preparing our students in thirteen different career areas and trades. A survey of our student shows an over 90% satisfaction rate with their experience at ATC. We have worked hard to keep our programs current while getting students ready for the workforce.  Our staff meet on a regular basis with employers to discuss the trade and the requirements needed for students entering the workforce.   

Our conversations with trade professionals determined that our students are well prepared in theory and practical applications.  However, we learned that we needed further emphasize the employability skills which complement the theory, skills and practical knowledge. Employers are telling us our students come to them with the critical technical skills but need improvement in Workplace Readiness. The “soft skills” are just as important to making any organization successful as the content knowledge. 

The staff has spent the past eighteen months committed to developing comprehensive Work Readiness Skills teachings.  The philosophy is: 

ATC believes and follows an industry-driven, vocational curriculum that defines, teaches and assesses employability and work readiness skills. 

In addition to the theory and practical component every program will teach and assess work readiness skills based on six priorities.  These priorities are: 

  1. Professionalism 

  1. Communication 

  1. Reliability and Responsibility 

  1. Collaboration/Teamwork 

  1. Organization, Planning and Structuring 

  1. Job Search Preparation 

These priorities can include, but not limited to, the following topics: attendance and punctuality, proper use of technology, problem-solving skills, team-work, customer relations, appearance, resume and interview skills, communication skills, to name just a few. 

Starting in September 2018 students work readiness skills will more formally taught and evaluated.  We believe this will give students who attend ATC will have an EDGE in employment as they will be prepared to enter the workforce immediately.  The EDGE will be introduced and promoted throughout the school this year, focusing on the development of work readiness skill that are needed in today’s workforce.  

We are truly excited about this “new” focus at ATC. While workplace readiness has always been part of what we have done, this extra emphasis will lead to even greater success for our students. Every student who attends a program at LRATC will gain the EDGE needed to be successful in the future. 

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#ASPIRE summer learning program gets rave reviews from #LRSD students. 88% say #ASPIRE made them excited to learn.… https://t.co/pH9DIVtMHu

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