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Enhancing and Expanding our Process to Fill Absent Positions

December 21, 2020

​​For organizations big and small, there are times when staff become unavailable to come into work for a variety of important reasons.   

The Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) has a plan and a process when these teacher absences are needed. Still, during a pandemic, there has been an increased need to have additional resources available to fill various positions. 

In December 2019, the average fill rate for teachers for the division was 98 per cent. That means that based on all the requests to have personnel fill in for a staff member who was away, we could fill the request for teachers 98 per cent of the time. 

As students returned to classrooms in September 2020, we saw a monthly average fill rate of 90 per cent. In October, we saw a small dip to 88 per cent, then a rebound to 91 per cent in November. 

Throughout these months, the divisional Staff Services team connected with schools to identify strategies and solutions to help further increase the division’s ability to fill the open positions on any given day. Through a combination of efforts, including a comprehensive recruitment initiative and encouraging individuals who have a certain degree to apply for a Limited Teaching Permit, the current fill rate for teachers in December 2020 is 96 per cent. This is just a couple of points shy of the 98 per cent established last year at this time.  

While LRSD is proud of its efforts to enhance and expand its process to fill absent positions in the midst of a pandemic, the division doesn’t plan to rest on its laurels—it will continue to evaluate its plans and update as conditions change.  
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RT @nordaleLRSD: Canada Votes…Nordale WILL! Our polling station and scrutineers are all set up ready for our student voters to cast their ballots! ⁦@NordaleLibrary⁩ ⁦@louis_riel_sdhttps://t.co/nurhvDqrfP

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RT @minnetonkaLRSD: It's election day in Canada but also at Minnetonka School! Learning about the importance of voting in a democratic society early in life is valuable. The Gr. 1/2's took this very seriously this morning! #BeKind #BeUseful #DoYourBest #StudentVote https://t.co/wikyZqwYTq

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Canadians across the country are heading to the polls today for #Elxn44 and students across the Louis Riel School Division are learning about elections and democracy❎ https://t.co/cpM8s1z3BG https://t.co/wTGBzcSSx1

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