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Building a School During a Pandemic

November 17, 2020

Students, staff, parents/guardians and community members in the Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) have continually showed a commitment to learning and adapting to our new reality. Prior to the start of the 2020-2021 school year, LRSD surveyed students in Grades 4 to 12 to gather feedback about their experience with remote learning in spring. More than 3,000 students replied to the survey and their responses reflected a full range of experiences including an appreciation for the connection to their teachers, a desire for clear expectations, frustrations with technology and more. 

The students’ feedback was foundational in the rapid creation and launch of the LRSD Learning from Home School (LFHS)/L’École Apprendre-chez-soi for students in kindergarten to Grade 12 (English Program) and Grades 1 to 12 (French Immersion Program) in September 2020. 

A dedicated team of teachers is currently serving more than 550 students who, due to medical considerations, were unable to return to in-classroom school this fall. The small but mighty teaching team is comprised of passionate and innovative individuals, many of which were reassigned from their previous roles as coordinators, teacher-librarians, members of The Learning Team or teachers in brick and mortar schools. Students are also supported by Instructional Interns who ensure each learner is on track throughout their educational journey. 

A typical day in the life of a LFHS student is not unlike any other LRSD student. They follow a daily schedule, complete projects and assignments, collaborate with their peers, and participate in whole class, small group, and individual lessons through Microsoft Teams.
The LFHS community has embraced the unique circumstances the pandemic presents and are working together to create a sense of belonging within their classrooms, providing authentic and engaging learning experiences that inspire students with voice and choice.

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing an inside look into LFHS classrooms through a series of videos. First up, let’s hear from some students and see what they’ve been working on.

Stay safe and be well,

Christian Michalik

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RT @transportLRSD: Due to circumstances out of our control, we are unable to provide transportation services to students on bus route 20 December 3, 2020. Students affected on this route attend @vanierLRSD We apologize for this inconvenience. @louis_riel_sd

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Today, Education Minister Kelvin Goertzen announced a two-week remote learning period for students in grade 7 to 12 starting January 4, 2021. Find out more details here: https://t.co/Ql9Ot3PRS4 https://t.co/7bK22P1g4Z

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Students at École George McDowell and General Vanier School put together playlists that highlight their interests and feature Canadian artists as part of the CBC Canadian Music Playlist Challenge 2020 🍁🎶 Dance along to their top music picks here: https://t.co/f2MKtxMENN https://t.co/wjDBmPMXYD

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