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June 21, 2019

ASPIRE (Academic Summer Program Including Recreation and Education) is a program designed to help students continue to grow as learners throughout the summer.

ASPIRE makes learning fun through various educational games, hands-on learning experiences and field trips.


Photo: Aspire Instructors, Nolan Parrington and Cassidy Nicholls, enjoying the day at Nature's Playground with ASPIRE participants, Lailah, Saffina and Autumn, from Lavallee School. Clockwise from top left: Lailah, Cassidy Nicholls, Nolan Parrington, Saffina and Autumn

For five weeks, a group of grade 1-5 students participate in the ASPIRE program. In ASPIRE, students participate in activities designed to build skills in math, reading, writing, problem-solving and executive functioning. A high energy team of teachers, a nutritionist and support staff strategically blended academic programming with activity-based and cultural activities to create a learning environment in which "students became better readers, without even realizing it," in the words of an ASPIRE teacher. With open access to several well-stocked school libraries and an on-site library assistant, the program is very successful in curbing the "summer slide" when schoolchildren lose some of their learning from the previous school year over the two-month summer vacation.

Check out some of the quotes from students who have participated in the ASPIRE program below: 

 "I don't want to go outside to play...unless I can bring my book with me."

"Why are the girl goats and the boy goats kept in separate pens?"

"I am only going to paint with my fingers from now on!"

"How can I find a way to make 3D glasses without acetate paper?"

"Hey, wait a minute. Are we learning math?"

"Our mom told us if we don't listen at home we'll be grounded from ASPIRE."

"Are we having Genius Hour today?!"

"I closed my eyes as soon as I went to bed so ASPIRE would come faster!"

To learn more about how your child can take part in the ASPIRE program, download our brochure here.

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RT @darwinLRSD: We are excited to host Canadian author, @EricRWalters on Thursday. A huge THANK-YOU to @DarwinSchoolPAC for making it possible for us to host for a full day to ensure our K-8 students spend time discussing reading, writing and learning more about the Creation of Hope in Kenya! https://t.co/vZLGIJ9jUy

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RT @dciLRSD: One week away from Homecoming at Dakota Collegiate! Sept 26, 2019 - JV game starts at 5pm, Varsity game starts 7:30pm! Welcome to DCI Alumni and Community. See you there Lancers!! #football #lancernation #lancer4life @louis_riel_sd https://t.co/BZ14OdDxIL

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RT @ArtsTechCentre: If you can dream it, you can do it! Come check out our Fall Open House on September 25 from 6:30-8, 5 deBourmont. Public Welcome. Check any of the 13 programs at ATC for next school year. Never too early. See you there #Winnipeg https://t.co/kyElPkhn2b

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