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Appointment of Amarbeer Bhandari

September 4, 2020
​Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) would like to congratulate Amarbeer Bhandari for her appointment to the position of Director of Facilities, Maintenance and Transportation. The LRSD Board of Trustees approved her nomination for this important position at its September 1 Regular Board Meeting.

Amarbeer previously occupied the position of Business Manager and was in that role since starting at LRSD in November 2017. During her time in this position, Amarbeer demonstrated her excellent management and analytic skills as she assisted with the boundary review project. She also worked closely with the transportation department to streamline our communication and routing procedures to ensure a more timely and efficient method of communicating with our community. Her ability to analyze data and integrate the use of various software platforms have been invaluable in assisting the Senior Leadership Team and the Trustees to understand how to manage the implications of increasing enrollment projections for many schools in LRSD.

In her newly appointed role, Amarbeer's skills in fiscal management and ensuring projects are completed on time and on budget will ensure that LRSD maximizes its facilities renovations and continues to work closely with the Government of Manitoba through our relationship with the Public Schools Finance Board. In addition to her considerable skills and experience, Amarbeer's educational credentials include an MBA and MSc.

We welcome Amarbeer in her newly appointed role and look forward to having her join the Senior Leadership Team.
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Back in May 2019, a group of 8 students and 5 staff from LRSD had the privilege of visiting the community of St. Theresa Point First Nation in Northern Manitoba. Find out how the friendships formed during that trip continue to flourish: https://t.co/274KtkeDrD https://t.co/zCpLCMK5WI

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#FeatureFriday — A podcast suggestion from Superintendent Christian Michalik 🎧 Canadian anthropologist Wade Davis highlights the importance of listening to Indigenous peoples and answers the question: Why does ancient wisdom matter in the modern world? https://t.co/8Mts8Y2lK9 https://t.co/5wk3Hw4t1k

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📢UPDATED: Navigating the 2020-2021 School Year📢 Further guidance on mask wearing limitations and school accommodations was recently released by the Province of Manitoba. Find a link to their document here: https://t.co/SbjavRRCHz https://t.co/biY6Rz1hjH

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